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One day, after photojournalist John D. McHugh grew tired of people using his pictures without attribution, he created his own watermark app. Called Marksta, it guarantees that no matter where your photos appear (say, someone else’s Instagram profile), they have stamps displaying your copyright privileges.

If you too are worried about others stealing your work, check out five more of your best app options that’ll protect your creative work. Huzzah!


McHugh’s app, called Marksta ($2), easily lets you customize your watermark many different ways. Choose from various fonts, colors, sizes, and more, and even adjust opacity and drop shadows — the options are endless!


The great thing about iWatermark ($2) is that your options aren’t limited to text. You can also create your own graphic, signature, or QR watermarks on a pretty easy platform. Or if you prefer, choose from more than 20 high-res watermark examples.

A+ Signature 

More than just a watermark app, A+ Signature ($2) lets you annotate or decorate your photo however you like. You can certainly create your own watermark using more than 250 font options, but you can also draw your own signature and add it to the picture.


Like many of the other apps, PhotoMarkr (free) lets you create a watermark using text — or you can import your own custom watermark as an image. Position it anywhere and rotate it as you see fit: the app also saves a a full-res copy of your original photo as backup.

eZy Watermark lite

Aside from what you’d expect from a typical watermark app, eZy Watermark lite (free) can turn signatures and photos into watermarks. Not only that, it saves pictures in three different resolutions and lets you easily share your photos on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.


You guessed it — iVideoMark ($3) watermarks your videos instead of photos. Add text, images, and logos to your mini movies by changing fonts and colors. Plus, text watermarks are conveniently saved for later use.

Lead image via Flickr user roland, CC 2.0; Blue Mosque image courtesy ofjohndmchugh.

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