How IBM Watson is powering every other business with AI

As the growing temptation for automated processes covers the varied industrial spectrum, Machine Learning is emerging into an ocean of possibilities while IBM’s Watson leads the marathon. From acting as a virtual chef of 65 recipes to embracing space programs, there’s a swathe of applications being ideated, built and rolled out to the public. Pulling […]

Wearables, AI to benefit from MIT’s new super low-power chip

Researchers have developed a low-power chip that promises to significantly reduce speech recognition energy demands, paving the way for further miniaturization of artificial intelligence (AI). India’s Deccan Chronicle reports on a new chip developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that is specialized for AI speech recognition. The new microprocessor uses just 1% of the […]

Visa and IBM want to make every device you own a cash register

IBM has teamed up with Visa to create thousands of potential points of sale, using Watson’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform to bring all devices online. Makers of cars, desks, fitness devices, and smart home appliances will be able to integrate Visa’s payments platform seamlessly, according to the company’s press release. See Also: Is diabetes […]

IBM’s Watson-powered Olli knows where you want to go

If a new driverless shuttle bus makes riders nervous, IBM’s Watson system is on board to make feel passengers feel less alone. And the bus’ cute name – Olli – might help, too. TechRepublic reports that Maryland’s Local Motors is partnering with IBM on its autonomous shuttle bus named Olli. IBM is contributing its Watson […]

6 Ways Analytics And The Internet Of Things Will Transform Business

6 Ways Analytics And The Internet Of Things Will Transform Business

Guest author Scott Amyx is founder and CEO of Amyx+McKinsey, a wearables and IoT (Internet of Things) strategy and execution agency. The tech industry is no stranger to change, but the data derived from the IoT is taking disruption to a new level—sforzando.  At IBM’s Insight conference last month, Bob Picciano, senior vice president of […]