foam mattress

Are Foam Mattresses Safe?

A foam mattress can provide superior comfort and pressure-free support. These beds mold to the curves of the body for a weightless sleep that allows your muscles time to repair and rebuild properly. Here are some thoughts about — are foam mattresses safe? When resting on the right foam mattress, you will experience little to […]

CARFIT partners with VINCI Highways

VINCI Highways and CARFIT Partner To Strengthen Safety On Motorways

As a specialist in predictive maintenance applied to the automotive sector CARFIT announces a partnership with VINCI Highways. Our latest product, CARFIT PULS, is a new connected vibration sensor marketed with a toll transceiver from VINCI Highways, to allow drivers to be better informed about the general state of their vehicles. This will increase a driver’s safety, and […]

workplace safety glasses

How IoT is Revolutionizing Workplace Safety?

Safety is a concern & responsibility for all businesses, especially when talking about workplace safety. It is a vital responsibility on the part of safety assurance experts to check and confirm whether the worksite is suitable and safe for the employees to carry on with their daily tasks. Workplace safety becomes crucial when the area […]


Waymo patents collapsible self-driving car design

Google’s self-driving division, Waymo, has received a patent for an automotive design where the car loses rigidity before a crash, minimizing the damage to the rider and any other cars. Waymo would achieve this by reducing the tension of hood, panels and bumpers before an accident, according to Silicon Beat. The release of tension should, […]


San Diego gets its smart city on with GE Current hookup

The City of San Diego announced a major Internet of Things (IoT) deployment this week in collaboration with Current, powered by GE. The deployment will include 3,200 “intelligent nodes” that enhance parking, alleviate traffic and improve liveability in the city. In addition to the huge sensor deployment, Current will also install 14,000 new LED lights […]

Wearable innovation is coming to first responder technology

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate  has announced the selection of 10 start-up companies to be part of EMERGE 2016: Wearable Technology, an accelerator program designed to bring start-ups, accelerators, and other strategic partners together in a common research and development effort. The program operates in conjunction in conjunction with TechNexus and its partner […]


Will keeping an eye on the driver save autonomous cars?

Autonomous cars need a lot of sensors to drive on the road without human assistance, and in-car sensors may be the next necessary step. The sensors would be able to inform the artificial intelligence controlling the vehicle on the positions of people inside the car and the driver’s focus. Researchers from German firm Fraunhofer said […]


Roke creates self-driving car “black box” for crashes

Roke Manor Research, an engineering consultancy group based in Romsey, UK, has demonstrated a black box capable of reconstructing an autonomous car accident in 3D. Unlike most car black boxes, which send alerts when the driver goes over the speed limit or crashes, Roke’s new 3D box will show an animated scene of the minutes […]


Emergency personal safety wearable use rising

More than a third of people in the United States do not feel safe walking home at night, according to a Gallup poll, which is a good explanation for the recent surge in personal safety wearables coming to the market. In the past six months, five companies have announced wearables with the capability to send […]


Google car to protect pedestrians with…flypaper tech?

Google has filed a patent application for the “sticky bonnet,” which, in the event of a collision between its autonomous car and a pedestrian, would stick the pedestrian to the car. In the patent, published by the the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Google said that if the car is able to hold […]


Mobileye anti-collision tech becoming the go-to standard?

Though fully autonomous vehicles won’t be rolling out for another decade or two, equities analysts are already finding investment potential in Mobileye, the makers of new collision avoidance technology that is slated to become standard in most new cars. As reported by CNBC, Morgan Stanley’s lead automobile sector analyst was bullish on buying stock in Mobileye […]


For self-driving future, fire the crash-test dummies

Your grandad’s safety testing methods are just not up to snuff for the complex demands of autonomous vehicles, says a new research report. And neither are his old-timey rigid regulatory frameworks for that matter. A research report by RAND Corporation found that autonomous vehicles are creating a whole new set of demands on safety testing […]