Should Your Startup Stay Remote or Head Back to the Office?

In the past year, millions of businesses have transitioned to working from home. Many of these businesses have had plans to retain this operational model permanently – but a great deal of these changes were intended to be temporary measures to accommodate the pandemic.  Similarly, many new businesses emerging in the modern world begin with […]

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Business Can Prevail in the Post-Pandemic World

During the year, 2020, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic dramatically altered the way in which millions of Americans live their daily lives. While many hope for some aspects of pandemic life, such as travel restrictions and mask mandates, are temporary, other changes made last year are here to stay. Working from home is bound to […]

Growth Opportunities Available During and After Pandemic Times

Uncertainty is the mother of fear, but luckily fear breeds opportunity. This is especially true for those savvy (or lucky) enough to predict where and how the current pandemic situation will affect business going forward. A select few are likely to see expansion during uncertainty while others are more likely to see shrinkage, furlough and […]

How Will the Pandemic Impact the Future of Work?

As the pandemic forces many staff to work remotely, it is shaping the future of work – with more AI-enabled digital tools being incorporated to equip employees with ways to automate and enhance business processes. Surprisingly, an IDC survey only last year revealed that almost one-in-three office workers would not delegate any work to AI […]