sports in virtual reality

4 Ways Big Data & VR Are Changing Professional Sports

Whether from home, in the stands, or over the radio—Americans love their sports. Today, part of that All-American sports experience involves big data and new immersive technology like virtual reality (VR) to draw in more fans and improve gameplay. There are dozens of ways sports teams can use data to their advantage—and both fans and […]

Cleveland Browns get ready to WHOOP it up

Some lucky NFL Players were given the opportunity to check out WHOOP straps recently, at the NFL Players Association reps meeting. Ibraheim Campbell, the Cleveland Browns defensive back was so impressed by the gadget that he hasn’t stopped using it since then. “I’ve seen my awareness of myself and how I’m doing increase. It’s been […]


NBA-approved wearables may hit courts soon

A meeting between the NBA players’ union and wearable tech firm Whoop is reportedly happening on Tuesday, according to ESPN, in a move to educate the union on the benefits of wearable use during matches. It comes after Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Matthew Dellavedova was warned for using Whoop’s biotracker in multiple games last month. […]

What happened when the NFL found IoT?

Zebra Technologies has been marking and tracking assets in the commercial world for years with their family of RFID products. What they couldn’t have foreseen at the beginning was their products winding up on Sundays with the National Football League. We sat down with Jill Stelfox, Zebra’s VP & GM of Location Services to find […]