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How the GSA is taking Uncle Sam digital

The General Services Administration (GSA) is known as “Uncle Sam’s Landlord,” presiding over 300 million square feet of government property. But they are less known as a leader in introducing new technology into government. To find out more, we sat down with Denise Turner Roth, the GSA Administrator, and Hillary Hartley, the deputy executive director […]

What happened when the NFL found IoT?

Zebra Technologies has been marking and tracking assets in the commercial world for years with their family of RFID products. What they couldn’t have foreseen at the beginning was their products winding up on Sundays with the National Football League. We sat down with Jill Stelfox, Zebra’s VP & GM of Location Services to find […]

What does Ford see for the car of the future?

Recently Ford announced the opening of their Research & Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California. To find out more about their plans for the car of the future, we sat down at the recent Women in Technology Summit with Jennifer Brace, Ford’s User Interface Supervisor at the Center. So, what exactly is Ford doing in […]


Building developer communities, part two: Crytek

Yesterday Unity Development Interview with Unity Development’s Carl Callewaert about what they have learned about the best ways to build developer communities. Today we are talking with David Bowman, the Director of Production at Crytek on the same subject, and how social media is a vital element to empowering your community. Crytek has a very […]

Building developer communities, part one: Unity

With the growth of the Internet of Things, companies large and small are suddenly finding themselves in uncharted waters: creating and growing developer communities. These communities are vital now for any company trying to create an ecosystem around their products and services. What are the best ways to create a developer community? What are the […]