Philips wants to help you get a better night’s sleep

With more patients seeking medical care for sleep disorders, the world is waking up to the challenge of healthy sleep, its impact on overall health and the need for a good’s night rest. During the recent IFA conference here in Berlin, Philips presented the Dream Family solution designed to improve the sleep therapy experience for people with obstructive […]

Wearables prove research chops in U.S. cancer study

Wearable devices are enabling patient-generated data for a U.S. cancer study, as connected technology is proving increasingly useful for medical research. As reported in an article by Mobile Health News, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) has teamed up with cloud-based analytics startup Medidata to research multiple myeloma. This comes as wearbles are used increasingly […]

Is this pen your next 3D printer?

Scientists at Harvard have created an amazing new 3D pen that creates metallic objects with ease. Similar to the recent 3Doodler pen in some concepts, this new pen goes above and beyond and was created for adult use, with various possibilities in mind. See also: 10 Crazy Things 3D Printers Can Make Today This new […]


Energous hearing aid charging tech keeps you listening

With the proliferation of connected devices, comes the fear that our home and work environments will eventually become hopelessly entangled with endless power and data cables. Enter Energous, a maker of wire-free charging technology, which is moving into providing cordless juice for wearables and hearing aids. The San Jose-based company announced that it is partnering […]

U.S. VA explores protecting your hacking cough from hacking

Though cybercriminals haven’t yet started hacking pacemakers for kicks, the U.S. Veteran Affairs Department (VA) has launched a new project to ensure connected medical devices are protected. As reported by, VA has begun fact-finding information on methods to safeguard wirelessly connected medical equipment from malicious cyber attacks. As the Internet of Things (IoT) is […]

Are health wearables passing their physical?

Are health wearables passing their physical?

Wearables are available in all shapes and sizes, from the inconspicuous Fitbit Zip to the immediately noticeable Apple Watch. One factor that connects most of them, apart from the ability to tell the time, is fitness and health tracking. The health features are basic at the moment, but might not be for long, according to […]