Tech Can Help Bring a Federal Infrastructure Bill to Life

4 Ways Tech Can Bring a Federal Infrastructure Bill to Life

The stimulus bill approved by the House of Representatives in late February was the first of two major budget initiatives President Biden is seeking in the opening months of his administration. The second bill, expected soon, will address the president’s longer-range objective of creating jobs by, among other things, overhauling the nation’s infrastructure. It’s a […]

Driverless cars will definitely need smart road infrastructure

While much ink is spilled about car-to-car communication by the autonomous vehicle press, the concept of car-to-infrastructure communication is now gaining traction. A recent article by the Application Resource Center discusses the importance that smart road infrastructure will play in the development of autonomous vehicles. “If we look at it in a very basic level, […]

Are happier citizens making Singapore a smart city leader?

While many governments are recent converts to the smart city ideology, Singapore has been a movement leader for decades. And the Asian city-state is about to ramp up its efforts with its soon-to-be-unveiled Smart Nations strategy. The GovTech site features a lengthy discussion with Singapore’s CIO Chan Cheow Hoe which serves as a master-class in smart city […]

India expanding internet infrastructure to ride the IoT wave

India’s IT minister sees a big future in Internet of Things (IoT), and is expanding the country’s internet infrastructure to capitalize on it. An article by India’s dna covered IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad’s remarks at a recent IoT conference organized by the country’s National Association of Software and Services Companies. “As per Gartner, IoT […]

Latin America smart city market to grow 19% by 2020

Latin America’s smart city market will jump nearly 20% in the next four years driven by urbanization and major smart infrastructure investments. The BNamericas site reports estimates by the Markets & Market consultancy of annual smart city market growth of 19.4% by 2020, reaching a total of $758 billion. One of the factors driving smart […]


Is Barcelona showing the upside of smart city-ness?

Barcelona is Spain’s poster child for the seemingly endless enthusiasm for Smart City initiatives among those in the Internet of Things space. And why not? Industry players stand to make money and city governors can earn kudos for creating budget efficiencies while appearing technologically ‘with it’. However, some technology experts are wondering if the echo […]