Apple patents overlaying details on augmented reality glasses

Apple has patented a method of overlaying details onto real-world environments, similar to what Google was trying to achieve with Glass. The user would see details of points of interest, like the names of buildings on Fifth Avenue or the different parts of a car. In the patent, the user clicks the point to see […]


Google finds its Glass after two years in the dark

After two years in the dark, Google Glass has returned, launching a new enterprise edition (EE) that several major corporations have already deployed into their workforce. Google Glass EE improves on the first model — sold to enthusiasts for $1,500 — with better networking, security, a faster processor, more battery life, and a higher megapixel […]

Has bone conduction returned to wearables?

With the old adage everything old is new again, this certainly seems to be the case for phenomenon bone conduction. Once the darling of hearing aids, it began to show up in the consumer headphone market in the early 2000s. During this time, bone conduction headphones were marketed as safer for long-term hearing than their […]

Apple in talks with suppliers to build augmented reality glasses

Apple has reportedly been in talks with suppliers to test prototype augmented reality glasses, according to Bloomberg. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the report states that the executive team are “weighing an expansion” into digital glasses. See Also: Apple picks Blackberry talent for driverless car OS The prototype device connects to an iPhone wirelessly […]

Boeing eyes a solution with Google Glass

Boeing eyes a solution with Google Glass

Do you ever wander what happened to the Google Glass, that amazing looking contraption that was pushed so heavily a few years ago? Though it doesn’t seem to have become the worldwide phenomenon Google was hoping for, many businesses have found important uses for it. Boeing is a company that manufactures aircraft for airlines and […]

Alphabet spells future W-E-A-R-A-B-L-E-S

Alphabet spells future W-E-A-R-A-B-L-E-S

Alphabet, the parent of Google, has a plethora of wearables either on the shelves or coming in the next few years, showing a big commitment towards this new category of technology. Currently, most wearables attach to the wrist, but in the future there should be a wearable for every part of the body, and for […]