Frankfurt commuters may soon jump aboard self-driving shuttles

Continental, a German auto manufacturer, has announced plans to test a “robo-taxi” in Frankfurt. The CuBe (Continental Urban mobility Experience) will be a blueprint for the future development of autonomous shared transport in urban areas. The CuBe will be fitted with driver assistance programs and sensors already embedded into Level 2 cars found on the […]


Continental rolls into BMW’s self-driving consortium

Continental said on Tuesday it has joined the self-driving consortium led by BMW, created to accelerate the development of autonomous systems for vehicles. The addition of Continental fills the consortium with everything it needs to develop a fully operational self-driving car. The German company is the second largest supplier of automotive parts by sales in […]


Germany greenlights self-driving vehicle tests on public roads

Germany’s large automotive industry will soon be able to test self-driving cars in their home-country. The upper house of parliament approved a law on Friday that enables manufacturers to test vehicles on public roads for the first time. The legislation requires a human driver to remain in the vehicle at all times and a black […]

How to translate German tech for Indian consumers

Blaupunkt, a German tech firm focused on cars and consumer electronics, is moving into the mobile market with mobile accessories followed by its own smartphone and tablet offerings. These products, which are expected to launch as early as the next year, are going to be made available in the large and already-crowded Indian market. For German tech, why […]

Germany’s first smart bridge to open next month

An $12.3 million smart bridge, opening this October, is being built in northern Bavaria and will include technology never seen before on the German Autobahn. Sensors built into the bridge on the Autobahn 9, will capture and analyze data such as the strain, movements and inclinations of the bridge, as well as the temperature, […]


Wearables to cast a large shadow at IFA 2016

Berlin trade-show IFA 2016 starts next week and the rumor mill suggests a large wearables presence at the event. Acer, Asus, Fitbit, Samsung, and ZTE all plan to unveil wearables at the event, according to multiple sources. Acer Acer has teased an ultra-thin notebook on its social media accounts, but DigiTimes (citing Economic Daily News) […]


Germans couldn’t be bothered with your fitness tracker

In Germany, almost half of the people that own a fitness tracker have stopped using it and more than 85 percent said they have no interest in purchasing a fitness tracker. It is dire news for the wearable market, of which fitness trackers make up more than half. Fitbit, the industry leader, sells more fitness trackers […]

German regulators could clear the road for self-driving cars

To suggest that global regulations around autonomous vehicles are murky, may be the understatement of the year. But Germany’s proposed regulations on self-driving cars could potentially let some daylight through. As reported by Fast Company, the German government is updating its traffic laws to include self-driving car rules. If passed, experts say these regulations could […]

For tomorrow’s cities, IoT is the name of the game

Cities use up to 80% of the world’s resources, while occupying only 2% of its territory. That’s a pretty scary thought, right? Smart cities are now a necessary tool in the long term economic growth and well-being of citizens, as well as in our obligation to control climate change. Smart urbanization brings convenience and opportunity to […]

German manufacturing sector more gung-ho on IoT than U.S.

Though the Internet of Things (IoT) is booming in the U.S., German manufacturing leaders expect more IoT in their factories in the future. Yibada reported the results of a recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) survey of 300 U.S. and German manufacturing executives that showed a much greater enthusiasm for IoT by the Europeans. It found […]


Who is at the head of the connected car class?

Germany’s “Big Three” automakers, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, are leaders in connected car features and user friendly experience, according to a new study that looks at the usage of connectivity in cars. Market research firm TNS and BearingPoint Institute came to this conclusion after conducting a study of 3,700 connected car owners in seven European countries. […]


Europe’s largest railway wants to self-drive you home

Commuters in Germany may be able to order an autonomous car to help them arrive at the train station on time. Deutsche Bahn, the largest railway service in Europe, has started tests aimed at helping commuters on the “final mile” of their trip, which can often be the most strenuous. See Also: Will elderly and […]


KONUX gathers $7.5 million for IIoT sensors

Munich-based industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) startup KONUX raised $7.5 million in Series A funding to start developing smart sensors for industry. German industrial VC investor MIG lead the funding round, alongside New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Silicon Valley’s Andy Bechtolsheim. UnternehmerTUM, Warren Weiss, and were also named as investors according to the IIoT […]


Japan and Germany allying over IoT standard

Government leaders of Japan and Germany announced a new partnership between the two countries to establish an Internet of Things (IoT) standard for commercial and industrial organizations. Germany, a leader in the IoT market, will sign a memorandum of understanding for cooperation with Japan sometime this month, according to Nikkei, establishing the two nations as […]


What is Industry 4.0?

The move from humans working with computers to computers working without humans is almost upon us, and some are already calling it Industry 4.0 – or the fourth industrial revolution. For those not keeping up with your industrial revolutions, the first was considered launched by the use of steam and water power, the second by […]


EMnify Brings German Innovation To IoT

Germany has been long considered a country of scientific, technological and engineering innovation. This is reflected in the strength of  IoT technology which extends far beyond the automobile industry.  Keen to get a feel for an insider’s perspective, I met with Martin Giess, EMnify co-founder and Chief Technology Officer and Frank Stoecker, EMnify co-founder and CEO. EMnify […]