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How IoT and AI are Disrupting the Sports Events Industry

First, ticket buying went digital. Over time, more and more players entered the events tech industry, developing new technologies to lessen the burden on consumers and make it easier to access our favorite events. The sports industry is using the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the consumer experience. Ticketing […]

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How to Find a Keynote Speaker Who Will Make Your Event Great

Tech companies have increased the number of events they put on over the past few years. It’s almost a requirement now for brands to hold their own user- or industry-focused conferences and summits. These events are a great opportunity for firms to exhibit their thought leadership and engage the people who matter most to their […]


Visa wearable at Eurovision gets you access, beer and sausages

Visa Europe plans to launch a new temporary wearable at the Eurovision Song Contest, which allows attendees to purchase goods during the event Stockholm, Sweden. The wearable will be available for purchase at the Eurovision village and will work with any provider that supports near field communication (NFC); also known as contactless payment. Users will […]