four steps to mobile device management for employees

The Cloud-Based Company’s 4-Step Guide to Mobile Device Management

Thanks to the prevalence of bring-your-own-device programs and increasing reliance on mobile work, the need for high-quality mobile device management is higher than ever. To meet this demand, company leaders must understand what comprises a good Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategy and a 4-step guide to mobile device management — how to implement one effectively. Today’s […]

Digital trust could be the key to ensure personal health data

The transition into the era of electronic health records and health wearables has resulted in a plethora of electronic patient information including dates of birth, home addresses, social security records, insurance details and medical data. This data is highly desirable on the black market. But there are ways to prevent the risk for fraud. I recently […]

Tim Cook Is Keeping Your Apple Data Safe From The Cops

Tim Cook Is Keeping Your Apple Data Safe From The Cops

Apple rolled out a massive update to its operating system on Wednesday, along with a significant update to its privacy policy. Beginning with iOS 8, Apple says data on your device is kept private, even from the police. “Security and privacy are fundamental to the design of all our hardware, software, and services, including iCloud […]