The OKAI BEETLE Scooter is a sweet little ride. It was enjoyable to finally get my turn at riding this beauty. Having no place to park a scooter at home or at work, it was nice to choose a scooter that is a foldable piece of equipment. I could stick the scooter to the side of my desk — but it fits under the desk at work and fits in the front hall closet at home. The OKAI Beetle is a little heavier than the Neon, which I’m crazy about too.


Hey — dig on the pink one — so cute. Usually, I am a standard black person in vehicles, items, clothing, even home decor — I just like that color. But the pink scooter is a beauty. Everyone loves it and asks about it.

OKAI Beetle
OKAI Beetle, small but mighty

How Fast Does the OKAI Beetle Go?

I couldn’t help myself — I wanted to go faster. Is that showing off? Well, so be it. However, the speed was okay when I looked at distances and where I would be riding (primarily to work). Also, everyone wants to take a little ride on it — like the older gals in my condo building. Every high school kid in the building or on the way to work wants to try this scooter out too.

The parents want to know if the kid would be safe riding this to school. Look up your local laws — most places treat this gizmo like an electric bike — you should be age 14 or older or ride with an adult. Some states and countries make you pass a moped test. Since I don’t have to worry about that — I just GO and have fun, but I let everyone try my scooter out, knowing this is a safe little machine.

Can You Ride in a Skirt and Heels?

The answer to riding in a dress, skirt, and heels is yes. I admit that wearing a long flowing dress makes more people watch you toodling down the road, and it’s pretty entertaining watching the reactions, including the thumbs up. With everyone on their cell phone these days, I feel safer on this scooter than on my electric bike (though I love my bike, too)! The scooter is a novelty and is more noticeable.

OKAI BEETLE and tires
OKAI BEETLE and tires

I “accidentally” zoomed through a construction site on the way to work — okay, so it wasn’t accidental, but it was a shortcut. I picked up a small nail that I’m a little worried about, but I yanked it out and have ridden the scooter several more times and haven’t seen any adverse effects, so I’m not thinking about it again. That’s how safe and happy I am with this scooter.

I certainly don’t look as sexy and fabulous as the young girls do on these — but I love my scooter.

You’ll love your scooter too. Try the pink one!!

Image Credits: Taken from the OKAI Beetle Website; Thank you!

Deanna Ritchie

Managing Editor at ReadWrite

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