MapR today announced a comprehensive set of data connection options for Hadoop enabling a wide range of data import and export options to extend the ability to connect to data warehouses and applications such as Talend Open Studio, Pentaho Kettle and an OBDC driver. A summary of the announcement from MapR can be found here.

MapR enables virtually any ODBC-enabled application to connect and access data within MapR’s Hadoop/Hive implementation without any special add-ins required. The connector was developed with Simba Technologies, one of the original ODBC developers for Microsoft. The other connectors extend MapR to work with Pentaho’s visual data manipulation tools and business analytics, Talend’s data integration tools, and Tableau Software’s reporting and dashboard tools. Dan Jewett, vice president of product management at Tableau Software, says, “customers will be able to gain valuable insights from their data without needing any special configuration or technical skills typically required to operate Hadoop.”

MapR comes in a free M3 community edition that includes a wealth of tools such as Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume and others; and an enterprise M5 edition that includes high availability and other features on a subscription basis. We last wrote about the differences between these versions here.