Italy is to see sweeping reform brought to its online gambling sector, in the first reorganization of igaming since 2011.

Known as the Reorganisation Decree, the legislation was proposed by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance (MEF) of the Italian Government.

The now-approved decree hopes to protect those vulnerable to gambling such as minors and promote cautionary messaging awhile introducing self-limitation on gambling platforms.

License reform

Italy will now enact a new licensing reform framework with the hope of generating funds to promote responsible gambling campaigns, as reports SBC News.

Operators in Italy known as ‘concessionaires’ will be taxed 3% tax for operating gambling services. Applications for online gambling licenses will now come with a €7m authorization fee.

This is a healthy jump from the current fee of €200,000 and has been criticized by gambling unions in Italy.

Alphabet Inc’s YouTube and popular streaming platform Twitch were fined by Italian lawmakers last month for breaching the terms of the 2019 Dignity Decree which bans gambling advertising.

YouTube was fined €2.25m and Twitch a fee of €900,000, showing Italy is serious about its decision to tighten gambling reform. Italy is not the only country to turn to stricter laws to combat the trials and tribulations of gambling.

The Australian Media and Communications Agency (AMCA) found that some of the top betting sites in Australia have breached in-play betting rules.

This has prompted the parties responsible for the breach to revise their in-play trading rules to avoid a heavy penalty.

Earlier in December 2023 the Australian Federal Parliament also passed legislation banning the use of credit cards to fund online betting accounts.

The New South Wales Government was forced to act as locals in the area had lost a reported $4.3bn to poker machines. A report will be generated by a panel of 16 industry experts to the Australian government that covers 4500 poker machines across 24 local government areas.

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