AppBackr has some great news for Developers that have HTML5 Apps and would like to submit them to the Tizen Store, but don’t want to deal with the Application repackaging process. Well now appbackr will repackage repackage your HTML5 Apps for you and best of all its FREE!!!!
The program has launched today and it will go on until the end of the year and is an another reason as well as existing cash incentives for developers to port to Tizen. HTML5 devs don’t have to do anything except send the file to AppBackr for scoring and repackaging, then add the repackaged file to the Tizen Store.
As part of the repacking process they will add back button functionality and also adjust the screen resolution. Currently they are looking at the repackaging process to take less than 3 days to complete.

“Appbackr is excited about helping developers bring great apps to Tizen. The program we have put in place to package HTML5 apps for Tizen solves for an important last kilometer problem that developers face. appbackr takes on the cost of doing the port. Developers retain 100% of their revenue. It creates a win for consumers by getting more great apps. It supports Tizen. And I think it is an important and deserved win for developers,” said Trevor Cornwell, Founder & CEO, appbackr inc.

The process of registering as a Tizen Seller and adding your app to the Tizen Store are explained here.
What are you waiting for? Get sign up today at

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