AMD creates some GPU’s that are simply breathtaking, however, what some people do not know is that AMD GPU software can be upgraded and changed to improve your GPU’s performance.

  1. Open Google Chrome or your prefered web browser
  2. Head over to
  3. Click Download Now
  4. Once downloaded, open it
  5. Click install when asked to install the installer
  6. Allow it to detect your GPU
  7. Download either the optional version or the recommended
  8. Choose which drivers you want to install and click install
  9. At the very end, click the restart button in order to finish up

The Supercharging part

Your AMD GPU can reach its full potential by changing a few settings in the software. To get to it, right-click on your desktop and click AMD Radeon Software. You can choose between Power Saving, Standard, Gaming and e-Sports. You can choose any. With the AMD Radeon Software, you can change the refresh rate to 60Hz as a new feature in settings would’ve been enabled. To switch to 60Hz or 120Hz or anything, open Settings, and click on display. Now, scroll down until you see Advanced Display settings and click on it. From there, you will be able to see your Refresh Rate. You can change it to anything over 60Hz to make the display more smooth.

AMD can make their already good GPU’s, into amazing ones just through updates.

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