Ok, so I’ve just done an unboxing video for the Samsung Gear 2 Neo and guess what, I have a problem. It doesn’t connect. I hear there is some issues with the Samsung Gear Manager and a fix will be released on the 11 April. It is unclear if this is only a Note 3 Android problem or if others are also having problems.
In the meanwhile, if you’ve got an Note 3 and bought this Smartwatch you will find you can’t do anything. Nothing. The watch has to be connected to a Smartphone initially to be brought to life.
Below are a couple of Unofficial fix’s, but I have to stress that it involves downloading a leaked version of the Samsung Gear Manager in one case and using a workaround on a rooted phone for the other. Do it AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!!

Solution 1

1. Visit the XDA Developers forum and download the Galaxy Gear Manager app. At this moment the version was 2.0.14031004
2. Make sure you can install .apk files on your Note 3. To do this go into Settings – General – Security, and select Unknown Sources. If you do not understand the implications, then please do not do this.
3. Use a file manager to Launch the Downloaded GearManager1_2.apk file.
4. Once Installed try connecting to your Smartwatch. I had to cancel the connection from the phone (not the smartwatch), then retry for it to finally connect.

Solution 2

Theres seems to be a newer version of Gear manager available in Australia that does not have this issue. Whilst we wait for a general release of this app you can do the following workaround. Note that you will need to have a rooted phone in order to do it:
1. Download Market Enabler from XDA Dev Forums.
2. Launch the application and backup your current settings before doing anything.
3. Set it to Australia (AU in the list).
4. Install the app from Gear Manager App from the Samsung Store.
5. Once installed, restore your settings in Market Enabler.
Please let us know how you get on in the comments or indeed if you don’t have any problem 🙂
You can also contact us with any Hacks / Tips or Tricks 🙂

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