10 High-Risk High-Reward Cryptos for 2024

Some crypto investors have an ultra-high tolerance for risk. This means buying high-risk high-reward crypto with a huge upside potential but an equally high chance of losing money.

If you’re looking for the next 100x investment opportunity, read on. This guide reveals the best high-risk high-reward crypto coins in the market today. Discover low-cap gems that have the potential to blow up.

High-Risk High Reward Cryptocurrencies: Our Top 10 Picks

Here are 10 projects to consider when building a portfolio of high-risk high-reward crypto coins:

  1. PlayDoge ($PLAY) – The Overall Best Crypto Project With 100x Potential
  2. WienerAI ($WAI) – Sausage-Dog Meme on the Ethereum Network With $6m in Presale Funding
  3. Sealana ($SEAL) – Solana Meme Coin With $4m Raised and 7 Days Until the Exchange Listing
  4. BaseDawgz ($DAWGZ) – A Great Option for Base Investors to Capitalize on On-Chain Summer
  5. Mega Dice ($DICE) – Top-Rated Blockchain Casino Site Offering Revenue-Based Rewards
  6. 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC) – Tokenized Blockchain Course With Learn-to-Earn Payouts
  7. Hivemapper ($HONEY) – Decentralized Global Mapping Network via 4k Dashcam Footage
  8. TokenFi ($TOKEN) – Undervalued RWA Project That Simplifies Asset Tokenization for Consumers
  9. Jupiter ($JUP) – Decentralized Exchange for Solana Tokens Trading 61% Below All-Time Highs
  10. Rocket Pool ($RPL) – Liquid Staking Ecosystem for Ethereum 2.0 With 7-Day Gains of 55%

Reviewing the Top High-Risk High-Reward Crypto Coins

Learn more about the high-risk high-reward coins listed above. Read on to assess which coins are right for your investment portfolio. 

1. PlayDoge ($PLAY) – The Overall Best Crypto Project With 100x Potential

Considered one of the best crypto presales, PlayDoge ($PLAY) is our top pick for high-risk, high-reward investors. PlayDoge is a new play-to-earn game that doubles up as a meme coin. Once released, players can download the PlayDoge app and breed a new virtual pet. Players must complete daily tasks to ensure the pet is healthy.

This includes providing food and medicine, playing games, and navigating training challenges. This retro-style game comes with tokenized rewards, so players are incentivized to ensure their pet is well cared for. $PLAY tokens are distributed when the pet’s health score reaches certain milestones.

PlayDoge presale tokens a high-risk high-reward crypto

There is also a global leaderboard, allowing players to compete with one another and earn additional $PLAY. The PlayDoge presale is still ongoing, and more than $4.6 million worth of $PLAY has already been sold. The presale rewards early buyers with a discounted price – each $PLAY token currently costs just $0.00509.

2. WienerAI ($WAI) – Sausage-Dog Meme on the Ethereum Network With $6m in Presale Funding

WienerAI ($WAI) could be one of the best meme coins to buy right now. This high-risk high-reward project is inspired by a playful sausage dog, capitalizing on the popularity of dog meme coins. It has a total supply of 69 billion $WAI tokens, with 30% being sold during the ongoing presale campaign. Almost $6 million worth of $WAI has already been sold to early investors.

The current presale price is $0.000719 – which offers a discount before the first exchange listing. However, this price point will soon be increased, as is the case with most presale frameworks. We should mention that WienerAI isn’t just a meme coin, it has some serious use cases for $WAI holders.

WienerAI review

For a start, WienerAI offers huge staking APYs of 192%. This is a dynamic interest rate that fluctuates based on demand, offering passive rewards. What’s more, WienerAI has built an AI bot that helps investors get an edge in the market. It comes with enhanced AI trading tools that are “instant, predictive, and noob-friendly”. The bot also offers fee-free token swaps with MEV protection.

3. Sealana ($SEAL) – Solana Meme Coin With $4m Raised and 7 Days Until the Exchange Listing

The next high-risk high-reward crypto project to consider is Sealana ($SEAL). Sealana is another presale project that offers a first-mover advantage. It’s a new meme coin built on the Solana network, so offers a great opportunity to capitalize on the SPL (Solana Program Library) token trend. After all, Solana has produced many 20x successes in recent months, including Bonk, dogwifhat, and BOOK OF MEME.

Sealana investors will be hoping for similar growth once $SEAL tokens are launched on exchanges. In the meantime, you get a presale discount, with $SEAL currency being sold for just $0.022. The most common way to invest is by transferring SOL to the Sealana wallet address.

Sealana presale on the Solana blockchain

You can also securely connect a self-custody wallet to the presale dashboard and swap SOL, ETH, or USDT. Sealana hasn’t published any tokenomics, and its smart contract hasn’t been audited. Nevertheless, more than $4 million worth of $SEAL tokens have already been sold. Crucially, the exchange listing event will happen in less than a week.

4. BaseDawgz ($DAWGZ) – A Great Option for Base Investors to Capitalize on On-Chain Summer

BaseDawgz ($DAWGZ) should also be considered when searching for crypto with the most upside. Although BaseDawgz comes with multi-chain features (more on this shortly), it’s primarily built on the Base network. One of the fastest-growing ecosystems, Base is a layer-2 solution backed by Coinbase.

Coinbase has just launched “On-Chain Summer” – a 3-month celebration that invites and rewards developers who contribute to the Base network. As such, there’s a lot of attention surrounding Base meme coins like $DAWGZ. Best of all, BaseDawgz is a presale project, so you can scoop a solid discount before the exchange listing event.

BaseDawgz ($DAWGZ) presale review

Currently, you’ll pay just $0.00527, but this increases every few days. Over $1.7 million worth of $DAWGZ has been sold in the first two weeks. In terms of multi-chain features, BaseDawgz will also function in other blockchain ecosystems. This includes Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Solana. $DAWGZ holders will earn staking APYs after the presale.

5. Mega Dice ($DICE) – Top-Rated Blockchain Casino Site Offering Revenue-Based Rewards

Mega Dice ($DICE) is considered one of the best Bitcoin casinos. Therefore, it’s a solid option for high-risk high-reward investors. Mega Dice offers thousands of games, including jackpot slots, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. Games are backed by reputable software providers, ensuring safety and integrity.

Mega Dice is also a licensed platform regulated by the Governor of Curaçao. These factors have encouraged over 50,000 players to join Mega Dice. Now, players can own a slice of Mega Dice’s fortunes. Those buying and staking $DICE tokens earn daily rewards funded by Mega Dice’s profitable business.

Mega Dice ($DICE) presale

So, as Mega Dice’s revenues increase, so will the staking APYs. The Mega Dice token, $DICE, can be used to place bets on Mega Dice or sold on third-party exchanges. However, $DICE is still a presale project – so you can invest at a discounted entry price. Over $1.5 million has already been invested. Those buying $DICE in the next few days will pay just $0.075 per token.

6. 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC) – Tokenized Blockchain Course With Learn-to-Earn Payouts 

While 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC) is a high-risk high-reward crypto, it’s also an established website with over 10 years in the education space. In a nutshell, 99Bitcoins has been providing crypto and blockchain guides since 2013. It has more than 2.8 million email subscribers, showcasing just how reputable the 99Bitcoins platform is.

99Bitcoins also offers educational videos on social media. On YouTube, for instance, 99Bitcoins has over 700,000 followers. Not only is 99Bitcoins’ material free but it has just launched a learn-to-earn program. This is related to 99Bitcoins’ on-demand course, which offers nearly 80 hours worth of video modules.

99Bitcoins Token presale

Those enrolling in the course will earn $99BTC tokens as they progress. The learn-to-earn concept could be huge, which is why over $2.2 million has been invested in the 99Bitcoins presale. The current presale price is $0.00109, but this will continue to increase until the exchange listing.

7. Hivemapper ($HONEY) – Decentralized Global Mapping Network via 4k Dashcam Footage 

Hivemapper ($HONEY) should also be considered when choosing cryptocurrencies with the highest upside. This is one of the best DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) projects in the market. The project aims to build a global mapping network to rival Google Maps.

It’s fully decentralized, and contributors are rewarded with $HONEY tokens. So, contributors first need a Hivemapper device, which consists of a 4k dashcam and a mining tracker. Contributors drive around as normal while the dashcam records street-level footage. This triggers the mining device, which distributes $HONEY as more footage is recorded.

Hivemapper ($HONEY) price chart

Hivemapper has a growing presence, with over 242 million kilometers recorded so far. While the majority of footage comes from the US and Europe, activity in other regions is on the rise. $HONEY tokens are also performing well, with 12-month gains of 365%. A market capitalization of just $114 million means the upside potential could be significant.

8. TokenFi ($TOKEN) – Undervalued RWA Project That Simplifies Asset Tokenization for Consumers   

TokenFi ($TOKEN) is a great option for gaining exposure to the RWA (Real-World Asset) narrative. In simple terms, TokenFi enables consumers to tokenize their assets at the click of a button. No knowledge of coding is needed – let alone securities laws or smart contract technology. This could be a huge market, as RWA tokenization will play a major role in Web 3.0.

For example, let’s say you own a rare bottle of whiskey. You could tokenize that bottle as a unique NFT on the TokenFi platform. This secures ownership on the blockchain. It also makes it seamless to list the whiskey bottle on NFT marketplaces. TokenFi has also created other use cases.

TokenFi ($TOKEN)

This includes a smart contract auditor and an AI image generator. TokenFi also enables beginners to launch their own crypto tokens with buyback liquidity, reflections, and burn fees. TokenFi currently has a market capitalization of just under $80 million. Current prices are 67% below all-time highs, which were achieved in March 2024.

9. Jupiter ($JUP) – Decentralized Exchange for Solana Tokens Trading 61% Below All-Time Highs   

Next on this list is Jupiter ($JUP) – the second-largest decentralized exchange for Solana tokens. It offers a private and hassle-free trading experience. Users connect a Solana-compatible wallet and choose which tokens to buy. Most tokens can be purchased with SOL or USDC, and swaps take seconds to execute.

Jupiter never touches client funds, nor can it access the connected wallet. Instead, smart contracts exchange the respective tokens once the user provides approval. Jupiter also offers additional features that are worth mentioning, including limit orders, dollar-cost averaging, and support for perpetual futures.

Jupiter price prediction

The latter enables users to trade high-risk high-reward crypto tokens with leverage. In terms of volumes, over $560 million has been traded on Jupiter in the past 24 hours. This often exceeds $1 billion during bullish periods. $JUP tokens currently trade 61% below all-time highs, so now could be a good time to enter the market.

10. Rocket Pool ($RPL) – Liquid Staking Ecosystem for Ethereum 2.0 With 7-Day Gains of 55%    

The final high-risk high-reward crypto project to explore is Rocket Pool ($RPL). Launched in 2018, this is an established project that supports liquid staking for Ethereum 2.0. This means users can earn passive staking rewards on their ETH holdings without becoming a validator.

What’s more, Rocket Pool is an inclusive platform – its minimum staking requirement is just 0.01 ETH. That’s about $35 based on current ETH/USD prices. Another benefit of Rocket Pool is that staking agreements are flexible. Simply unstake the ETH at any time to make a withdrawal.

Rocket Pool price chart

Although most crypto coins have seen declines in recent days, Rocket Pool continues to outperform the wider markets. $RPL tokens are up 52% in the past 7 days. In contrast, Ethereum is down almost 3%. Nonetheless, $RPL trades at a huge all-time high discount of 80%. Its market cap is just under $580 million.

The Risk vs Reward Spectrum in Crypto: What to Know

Like any investment market, crypto investors should understand the correlation between risk and reward. In simple terms, investors should expect a higher rate of return when investing in riskier coins. And conversely, less risk should be taken when investing in coins that offer lower upside potential. This is the risk-reward dynamic in a nutshell. 

For instance, while all cryptocurrencies are risky, Bitcoin is considered the ‘safest’ option. Not only is Bitcoin the original crypto asset but it has millions of holders worldwide. Bitcoin also has a mega-cap valuation, not to mention regulated ETFs and futures markets on Wall Street.

So, while Bitcoin presents less risk than other coins, it potentially offers the lowest returns. Especially during altcoin season – where a majority of crypto assets outperform Bitcoin’s price. In contrast, the risk-reward spectrum increases when investing in new cryptocurrencies or those with a small market capitalization. Meme coins are also classified as a high risk crypto.

Risk vs reward in crypto

For example, WienerAI is a brand-new meme coin on the Ethereum network. WienerAI is a presale project that hasn’t launched on public exchanges yet. It has raised about $6 million from growth investors. 30% of $WAI tokens will be sold, so the current potential market capitalization is approximately $20 million.

So, if WienerAI launched with this valuation – it would be worth just $200 million with a 10x increase. Or $2 billion if the tokens rose by 100x. Bitcoin’s market capitalization is already over $1 trillion, so these returns aren’t likely in the short term for Bitcoin investors. This is why many crypto investors prefer high-risk high-reward crypto tokens like $WAI.

All that said, creating a balanced approach to crypto investing is crucial. Investing solely in high-risk tokens is a recipe for disaster. A smart approach is to diversify the portfolio with more established projects with a proven track record. This will reduce the portfolio’s risk while still allowing you to target above-average returns.

Building a Portfolio of High-Risk-High Reward Coins

There’s a strong likelihood you’ll lose money when investing in high-risk high-return coins. Finding the next high rewards or 100x coin is no easy feat,  so research and risk management are crucial when making such investments. 

We’ll now discuss some best practices when choosing high-risk cryptocurrencies for your portfolio.

Research Promising Presales

Presales are one of the best ways to find the next 100x project. Also known as ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), presales are new token launches that offer early access. You’ll be investing before the tokens are listed on public exchanges, which often means the lowest price possible. The same concept applies to stock IPOs (Initial Public Offerings).

However, investing in pre-listing projects means there’s no track record. Not just for development and community building but also for price performance. These increased risks are built into the upside potential; most presale tokens have micro or nano-cap valuations.

PlayDoge presale

One example of an ongoing presale is PlayDoge. It’s a new play-to-earn mobile game based on a pet simulation. The game is still in development, which is why PlayDoge’s price is heavily discounted. Even so, more than $4.6 million has already been invested. Those buying $PLAY tokens today will pay just $0.00509.

Invest in Quality Projects During Bearish Trends

All investment markets go through bearish trends. Crypto assets are no different. These are temporary periods where most coins lose value due to market sentiment, among other factors. Depending on the market capitalization, coins can decline by over 50% in weeks – sometimes days. This presents an excellent opportunity to enter the market.

Sure, there’s no guarantee the price will recover. But if you believe in the project’s concept, it’s best to invest when prices retreat. For example, Jupiter – a popular decentralized exchange for Solana tokens – trades 61% below all-time highs. Jupiter often handles over $1 billion in daily trading volumes. So, at current prices, it could be a great long-term play.

Similarly, while Hivemapper is up over 365% in the past year, it trades 85% below all-time highs. Hivemapper is building a decentralized global mapping network with over 242 kilometers of street-level imagery recorded. Rocket Pool – the liquid staking platform for Ethereum 2.0 – is another option. It currently trades 80% below peak pricing levels.

Diversify Across Multiple Niches

Diversification is the most effective strategy when buying high-risk high-reward coins. Holding 10-20 different coins from multiple industries can be a solid option. Only one project needs to blow up during the next bull market to realize substantial returns.

For example, meme coins are a hot narrative in 2024, so you might consider new projects like WienerAI, Sealana, and BaseDawgz. Gamification projects will likely perform well, too, so consider PlayDoge and Mega Dice. Other high-growth niches include DePIN, AI, and RWA. Base network tokens are also worth exploring.


It’s important to set realistic goals and assess your risk tolerance when investing in high-risk crypto coins. The significant upside potential can be life-changing. But equally, the value of your investment could also go to zero. The crypto market is inherently volatile, and a high-risk high-reward crypto is one of the most volatile. 

Diversification is a must, so ensure your portfolio is well-balanced across multiple crypto narratives. Most importantly, never invest more than you can afford to lose.  


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