The Coway Airmega 400S HEPA Air Purifier is the newest air purifier offered by a company that has an extensive range of water and air purifiers. Added to that are their new latest features of WiFi capability and a mobile app. Here’s a rundown of all the features and insights on this Air Purifiers overall performance.

Connected Technology

Let’s start with the latest technology that’s included in this air purifier. The WiFi connectivity enables the air purifier to work with an app that offers real-time monitoring. This includes indoor air and outdoor air quality reports as well as controls for speed, remote control, and air purification scheduling. The air purifier also connects with Amazon Alexa for further convenience.

Smart Design

Available in white or graphite, the air purifier is fairly light and small. The built-in handles also make transport much easier. Still, it is 25 pounds so just take note when you decide where to place it. Though you may need some help to move it around the house or office (we didn’t) it feels good to have a really sturdy piece of equipment.

Its compact design means it can be put in smaller spaces and out of the way. This air purifier is so very quiet — it doesn’t disturb anyone who may be sleeping, working, or watching television.

Innovative Features

One of the standout features is the two-sided filtration system covering nearly 1,600 square feet. Removing nearly 100 percent of dust, debris, odors, and pet hair from the air, this air purifier works continually to keep the air as pure as possible. It uses a washable pre-filter along with a Green True HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.

The air was noticeably fresher after using the air purifier and we could tell the difference. The air purifier also provides an alert when the filters need to be replaced with indicator buttons that alert you to how much life the filters have left.

The main air filters need to be changed approximately once every twelve months with eight-hour per day use, and the filters are available from Coway for about $125. The other filters are an additional cost. Although this is more expensive than other air purifiers — this filter delivers a higher level of filtration.

Also, the touch control panel has removed any need for dials or manual controls — making this a technology marvel. Everything is controlled through this panel or the app — both simple. It looks sleek and awesome in an office or home; simple enough to use for parents and grandparents.


Since so much about life involves personalization, this air filter adjusts to the user and their personal preferences. The smart feature on the touch-activated control panel provides a way to change the settings to fit your own lifestyle and comfort level. Plus, it has an automatic fan that adjusts to one of four fan speeds based on the current conditions where it’s placed. Again, I’m mentioning the quiet of this fan as I had a concern about it; you can’t hear this one running.


Coway provides a limited warranty for up to five years. The company will replace a defective motor and electronic parts.

What’s Included

The Airmega 400S Smart Air Purifier comes with an owner’s manual, two pre-filters, two Max2 filters, and a certificate of performance.

Where To Buy

The air purifier retails for $674 (includes free shipping) with the option to purchase additional two-year or three-year warranty protection. Wellbots offers 10 percent off the air purifier by using coupon code BF10 at checkout. You can also buy the Conway Airmega from the brand’s website as well as retailers that include Amazon.

Overall Impressions

This is a large air purifier that gets the job done over a large area, including offices, basements, and garages. It cleans the air of many types of impurities and providing a fresher, healthier environment. It leverages a significant amount of technology that makes it easy to use plus delivers a large amount of information about that air around you. It’s quiet and can be personalized to what you want/need from the air around you.

Although it is expensive, including the price of filter replacements, it is highly effective. Plus, the air purifier offers good value in terms of the two sets of filters that come with it and the extended life of those filters.

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