Today it would take a person approximately 181 million years to download all the data from the internet. You can imagine the amount of data that is out there circulating the internet. Here is big data and its impact on business and mobile apps.

There’s a humongous amount of data that gets collected through social media and other sources.

The global web index suggests that we spend 33% of our total time on social media. While we spend this time online, we continuously produce some form of data. Each one of us is doing the same.

If processed, these massive volumes of data can lead to innovative solutions that this world has never seen before. But given the complexity and size, it becomes practically impossible to process this data in a limited time-frame, using conventional systems.

All this data comes under the umbrella of Big Data.

The V’s that matter in the Big Data world

  1. Volume – To classify the data as Big Data, we need to look at its volume. Big data is huge in volumes such as Twitter data feeds, clickstreams on a webpage or a mobile app, etc. Also, the size of the data is crucial when it comes to deciding its value.
  2. Velocity – The speed at which the data is generated is of prime importance. The value of data also depends upon how fast the data is generated and processed. The velocity of Big data deals with the speed at which data flows in from mobiles, social media sites, etc.
  3. Variety- Unlike old times, the data now comes in varieties. It does not come in a structured form, but rather unstructured and semi-structured forms such as text, audio, video, etc. that need preprocessing in order to add value.

How does Big data work?


  1. INTEGRATE – Big data is formed by bringing together data from various sources. In the Integration step, all the data needs to be collected and processed in a way that helps business analysts.
  2. MANAGE– For effective management, Big Data needs to be stored in a suitable manner. It can be stored on the cloud or on-premises, or both.
  3. ANALYSE– Finally, the stored data is analyzed, and suitable action can be taken. This data, if efficiently analyzed, opens a world of possibilities.

Using and Understanding Big Data

Data is available in an unstructured raw state. The kind that serves no relevant purpose. As a matter of fact, the amount of data that is globally stored is expected to reach the yottabyte level. In such a scenario, there needs to be a dedicated method to convert this unstructured raw data into meaningful information.

This information holds the power to revolutionize all the spheres of technology and lend innovative solutions to business and mobile apps.

Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development Strategy

The best mobile apps are easy to use, fast, free from bugs, look attractive and most important of all – meet the needs of its end users. So, that’s the drill. Formulating strategies and the entire app development process becomes easier and all the more efficient when you know exactly what your customers are looking for. That is where big data, scores.

It helps you to customize the app according to user preferences. It assists you to understand consumer behavior that in turn enriches the overall experience. That means the app will revolve around enhancing the user experience. With Big Data, your business will know your customers’ profile and their individual needs so that you know how to serve them well.

Making the Customer-driven Mobile Apps

The mobile app development industry can benefit greatly from Big Data analytics. Now, not just any apps will be created, but the apps that your customers have been asking for! The new mobile apps will cater to the exact needs of the user. How? The user experience will become the primary source for creating apps. App developers can demystify customer behavior and develop new apps (or enhance old ones) based on how the user interacts with their app.

Big Data Fuels User Experience Analytics

The fact is you need an extensive analysis of customer’s experience to develop an effective app. It is only by analyzing the experience that the pain points and points of interest of the user will be clearly known. The detailed user-behavior helps the app to deliver exactly what the user expects and also enhances user-experience.

Big Data basically allows your business to solve your customers’ problems in an innovative fashion. It tells you about the problems and challenges your customers are facing so that you can work towards solving them by coming up with innovative solutions. It studies trends and gives you insights by analyzing the data pool.

Another possibility comes when a developer analyses the apps similar to the ones he/she is planning to create. Owing to this, the new apps will be even more convenient and productive in nature.

New Age of Marketing

Marketing is no longer dependent on intuition and experience. Big data gives you all the marketing information you have been looking for.

  • It tells you where your target audience is and how you can reach them.
  • Big data also helps you target the core needs of the customer.
  • It has the potential to change how mobile-advertising works.
  • Not just this, Big data can customize the marketing messages by making use of customers’ data such as demographic data, purchase patterns, and social behavior.
  • All in all, big data takes marketing to a whole new level by designing better marketing campaigns, making better pricing decisions, and sharing content that works (is engaging).

Big Data as a Crucial Aspect of Future App

Users have almost entirely shifted to the use of tablets and smartphones resulting in which the market of the mobile app is expected to reach $189 billion. Therefore, developers analyzing the apps is clearly the future of digital technology.

To what extent an app will thrive will solely depend on how well it interacts with its users. And the user experience, in turn, depends on how well the developers understand customer’s patterns and behavior and utilize the insights. Big data analytics will thus soon become the single most valuable means of creating innovative apps.

The market value of mobile apps is expected to reach up to $189 billion, and exceed the $100 billion quotas by 2020.


 All the data that is circulating the digital world can fuel your business so that you are well-armored to offer your customers a better tomorrow. Use improved customer experience, higher revenues, enhanced performance, to leverage big data. If used efficiently, big data has the potential to change how this world functions.

Varsha Solanki

Varsha Solanki is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Space-O Technologies, a mobile app development company. She has 3 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. She spends her time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies.