President Barack Obama is being declared the first ever “Coder-in-Chief” on Monday after writing his first line of computer code. 

Using‘s Hour Of Code program and alongside 20 middle school students from Newark’s South Seventeenth Street School, the President successfully completed one line of JavaScript. This event kicks off Computer Science Education Week 2014. 

The Hour Of Code program gives students the ability to create their own games and apps, as well as use computer code to get familiar animated characters through levels of a computer game. 

See also: I Did #Hourofcode; Here’s What I Learned has big plans in the works for the next few years, including a commitment to bring computer science to 25,000 new classrooms by September 2016. 

The organization also says it’s invested in diversity; promising to teach one million girls and one million African American and Hispanic students a full introductory course in computer science.