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The argot of the aces: Common terms for the big data enthusiast

Big data is loaded with big words. Having a good grasp of common data terms helps you not only understand, but also join in and influence conversations around data initiatives. Check out vital discussions around data evolution and revolution at Okay, let’s get started and demystify some terms you’ve heard before and introduce a […]

Here are 3 ways IoT is transforming healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become known for its cool factor right now. From self-driving cars to smart homes filled with voice activated devices, the innovation of IoT’s connectivity never fails to impress. However, the world of IoT is doing more than making day-to-day tasks and business objectives easier to accomplish – oftentimes much […]

How IoT is improving the value of industrial automation in oil and gas

IoT is proving to be a game-changer for automation companies as a variety of industries begin employing IoT-enabled architectures and experimenting with how IoT solutions can reap new benefits. One example is Rockwell Automation, a provider of industrial automation products, including control systems and devices, who recently shared how it aids in the collection, integration, […]

Welcome to yet another IoT platform

You’re probably thinking “Really?!? Don’t we already have enough?” And you’d be right. The last count I heard was there are over 125 IoT platforms in the industry. Doesn’t IoT have enough problems reaching maturity without more platforms muddying the waters? That’s not the worst of it, though. If you’re anything like me you are […]

Thread: Finally, a mesh protocol that works!

Thread is a secure wireless mesh network architected for the home and its connected products. Everyone is excited about Thread because it’s a wireless protocol that’s designed by Google Nest (with Weave), is open(ish), is extremely resilient, scalable, and meshes. The best part about reading this article is that you can learn how to get […]

How IoT is fixing America’s sleep problem

Wake up, America, We have a sleep problem. More than 68% of Americans report having trouble sleeping at least once a week, and many people believe that technology plays a major role in keeping them awake, but can it actually help you get a better night’s sleep? After all, the Internet of Things already helps […]

It’s not hard to make IoT hardware easy

Marc Naddell is VP of Ecosystems at MediaTek, one of the leading chipset manufacturers behind the IoT ecosystem. He came to the ReadWrite office to sit with Christopher Caen and talk about how one of the leading chipset providers in the industry managed to get ahead of the hardware curve in developing for IoT. “We […]

How to get CxOs to buy into your IoT project

The IoT (Internet of Things) age is upon us. The media tends to focus on consumer-centric examples like self-driving cars and programmable home thermostats, but IoT’s impact arguably is greater in B2B markets. IoT tools and technologies already are transforming global supply chains, simplifying water management systems, and even optimizing niche industries like oyster farming. […]