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Bob is an account executive with a major publishing company.

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building your prototype

3 CAD Functions to Understand for Building Your Prototype

Understanding the basics of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) modeling was crucial in building my first working prototype. At this point, I’m close to filing a patent. None of it would have been possible, though, without understanding three crucial functions present in a lot of the software available out there. Here are three CAD functions to understand […]

3 Fast-Food IoT Technologies that Could Slow COVID-19

Some of the fast-food IoT technologies I’m about to dig into were already catching wind leading up to our current pandemic. Due to social distancing measures, it seems natural for any technology to thrive if it can help businesses operate with less person-to-person interaction in this climate. As our favorite places cautiously reopen, the following […]

4 Video Lead Generation Strategies for More Engagement

The use of video lead generation in sales and marketing has been growing in popularity over the years. I’ve been on the marketing, sales development, and account executive side of the business, and it’s clear from my personal experience that fewer people are picking up the phone. Between that and overcrowded inboxes, it’s challenging to […]