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Ariaa Reeds is a professional writer who curates articles for a variety of online publications. She has extensive experience writing on a diverse range of topics including business, education, finance, travel, health and technology.

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PE jobs in UAE

Private Equity Jobs in UAE: Opportunities in Dubai

UAE (United Arab Emirates) has one of the most flourishing economies globally, and it continues to grow. The bustling city of Dubai provides unparalleled opportunities for PE firms to establish themselves in one of the world’s most developed cities. We will discuss how the world sees Dubai in terms of setting up private equity firms […]

HR tech trends

6 Futuristic HR Technology Trends Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Businesses are quickly adapting to the COVID-19 reality where HR technology has made the greatest influence to do so. COVID-19 has accelerated the evaluation, training, and implementation of HR tech trends in businesses of all sizes. The HR team is actively involved in adopting innovative technologies at all levels like – recruitment process, employee engagement […]

Private Equity Job vs Hedge Fund Job –- What to Choose?

Yes, there are many issues right now with your funds because of the COVID pandemic. But the world will right itself in the coming day, and you can prepare yourself by being informed of the direction you will pursue in finance. Both destinations, private equity, and hedge fund jobs are highly coveted by professionals. Both […]