It’s that dreaded time of year again. ‘Tis the season to be giving and you have to spend money on holiday gifts for everyone from unappreciative children to the mailman who you’ve never even met. To make matters worse, your office is hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange.

That means you’ll be hearing repetitive Christmas jingles and receiving lots of bland cookies. At least there are a few wonderful and affordable gift ideas to fill a Secret Santa’s gift basket.

Here are five trendy gift ideas for the Secret Santa exchange in your office:

1. CBD Gummies

Your stressed-out coworkers will be ecstatic to receive fun CBD gummies. Just like potent CBD tinctures, the hemp-derived cannabidiol products have exploded on the market in the last couple of years. After all, they are ideal for helping the mind, as well as the body, manage stress.

Best of all, gummies for sale are available in an array of colors and flavors, ranging from Sour Worms to Blueberry Rings and Rainbow Ribbons. When the time comes to buy a trendy Secret Santa gift, get Just CBD Gummies to be a hit at the office holiday party.

2. Wine Infused Coffee

If you are unfamiliar with merlot infused coffee, these beans may be a gamechanger. It can be perfect for dessert after dinner when it’s too late for another cup of coffee. The favorable beans are usually aged in oak wine barrels to give the coffee the flavor of California raisins and fresh berries.

Made with zero alcohol and plenty of caffeine, wine infused coffee is usually prepared in a French Press or drip brew. Adding a little milk often helps the overall taste. Your Secret Santa recipient can even refrigerate the leftovers and enjoy the wine infused coffee all week at the office.

3. Travel Coffee Mugs

How many coworkers do you know that simply cannot live without their morning cup or two of coffee? That is why spill-proof travel coffee mugs to keep your java hot or cold are ideal presents. Nobody enjoys drinking coffee at room temperature. Many folks want it nice and hot, especially in cold Decembers, while others like their caffeine iced down.

That’s why insulation is important, whether it is plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Make sure the lids are sturdy and won’t leak. You should also look for one that’s dishwasher-friendly. Durable and easy-to-use travel coffee mugs are budget-friendly and easy to find, making them practical Secret Santa gifts.

4. Scented Candles

When it comes to setting the ambiance of the holidays, what could be better than the aroma of chestnuts roasting by an open fire when you walk into the kitchen? That is why inexpensive scented candles make superb presents on the holidays. You just have to add excitement by putting a personalized photo on the jar.

Have fun with the project and use a funny quote from Hollywood alongside your wedding picture. Whether you prefer the essence of strawberries or chocolate cookies, you can now purchase eco-friendly candles. For example, you can get ahold of candles with the terrific smell of fresh-cut Christmas trees, even when they are not burning.

There are even smoke-free candles that are made from soy wax that your coworkers can enjoy. You can choose from literally thousands of sizes, colors, and fragrances to give as a sweet Secret Santa gift.

5. Personalized Socks

Yes, socks. It sounds like a joke to give as a Secret Santa gift. But this time, your Christmas gift doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable and unattractive pair of brown socks that came from a distant relative. Simply go online and get a custom pair with a personalized print of an individual’s college mascot.

Or simply figure out his or her favorite football team, movie, dog, or rock band. Inspiring quotes and memorable phrases work too. Even if you’re not feeling creative, you can pick and choose from thousands of pre-set designs and fun slogans that can be printed on athletic and dress socks.

So there you have it – five trendy gift ideas you and your office mates can use to inspire your holiday shopping!

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