USB-C cables are now starting to gain momentum with more smartphone manufacturers accommodating them for their devices. These cords are replacing the spot where the headphone jack used to be on your smartphone now that wireless headphones and air buds are more widely used. Also, more people realize that USB Type-C cables are just a better way to charge your smartphone.

This review tells you more about these new USB cables as well as includes a review of the Ghostek USB-C cable.

More About USB Type-C Cables

The last major update to the USB standard was in 2013. At that time, the USB 3.1 appeared and included the introduction of the USB-C connector.  Apple led the way by adding this connector to its 12-inch MacBook. Smartphone manufacturers have now added USB-C into their design, including the Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, and the Google Pixel handsets.

While it may seem new, the USB-C cable is not a new standard like USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or USB 3.1. Those upgrades are about defining what the connection can do related to speed and feature improvements. In contrast, USB-C focuses on the physical connection similar to the microUSB and miniUSB. Unlike microUSB and miniUSB, the USB-C plans to serve as a replacement for both ends of the cable.

What’s Different About USB-C Cables?

There are a few differences with the Type-C compared to the Type-A and Type-B cables. Both Type-A and Type-B USB cables have had to be backward-compatible. As a result, Type-C plans to replace both these USB cable types. Its design makes it small enough not to need any mini or micro variants.

Also, it’s reversible, which means you can plug it in from either side versus only having one side that fits into your device. USB-C builds on the USB 3.1 standard for power and speed advantages.

Concerns and Issues

Despite the advantages of this new type of USB cable, there have been some safety concerns about it. The concerns relate to the physical design of the USB-C. Plus, it is currently unregulated, allowing anyone to manufacture and sell these cables.

Some of these have unsupported voltage levels, which have fried the host device and caused a significant loss for users. Amazon has even banned some USB-C cables from being sold on its site, especially if it does not comply with the standard specifications that have been issued by ‘USB Implementers Forum Inc.”

Ghostek’s USB Type-C Cables

Ghostek offers USB Type-C cables that meet the standard specifications to ensure a high-quality, safe, state-of-the-art nylon-braided, tangle-free USB cable. There are three lengths to choose from — ten feet, six feet, and three feet — and priced from $12.99 for the shortest up to $17.99 for the longest. You can also stand out with a personalized range of colors, including black, gray, gold, and pink.

My favorite was the ten-foot charging cable because it’s given me more freedom to charge and continue using my smartphone. The other advantage is the durability, lasting much longer than any other cable that I’ve used. Plus, it comes with an extraordinarily generous warranty, showing that the tech company feels confident about the quality of its products.

In using it over a few months, I couldn’t find anything wrong with this cable. Using it on a daily basis as well as traveling around the country with it, the Ghostek USB Type-C cable never tangled or frayed.

You can purchase the Ghostek USB Type-C cables from the Ghostek website as well as from Amazon.

Deanna Ritchie

Deanna Ritchie

Managing Editor at ReadWrite

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