With Fashion Week coming up soon, Rebecca Minkoff brand is planning to make a ripple by integrating the Internet of Things with its handbags.

Rebecca Minkoff has announced the launch of its connected handbags that will be available at an upcoming pop-up shop at the Grove in Los Angeles. There will be a small supply of only 10 limited edition bags for purchase. These digitally enhanced bags will be equipped with hang tags that will give entry into the spring/summer 2017 runway once scanned. Tech lovers may want to give some serious thought to these bags, labeled the #AlwaysOn Midnighter style.

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The brand plans to connect 10 billion accessories and articles of clothing during the next three years, as part of its #BornDigital campaign.

What’s next in connected fashion?

“We know that all products in the future will have a digital life as part of the Internet of Things,” states Uri Minkoff, co-founder and CEO of the brand. “Rebecca Minkoff wants to be first in letting our customers access this new world of experiences, content and services digitally by interacting with our physical designs. Most fashion brands lose sight of their products and customers; this technology now allows us to directly connect with shoppers through our products after purchase. We’re incredibly excited by a born digital future, and you’ll be seeing it integrated across many more of our products later in the year.”

With the world of IoT growing and expanding to all sorts of products, more companies are wanting in on this popular trend. Rebecca Minkoff has its foot in the door now, and it won’t be surprising if more brands follow suit in the near future.