Great Bay Software unveiled Beacon Suite 5.0 on Wednesday, a major security update to its Internet of Things (IoT) connections security platform that provides enterprises the ability to discover, monitor, and enforce changes across an entire network.

Since a lot of the smaller IoT devices have poor onboard security and cannot run security or access agents, enterprises have been unable to connect and protect most of their IoT network when deployed. Great Bay Software’s Beacon suite brings the low-power devices into the fold, while also enhancing the security of the entire platform.

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“Gartner predicts that by 2020, 25 percent of enterprise breaches will involve IoT, while only 10 percent or less of the enterprise security budget will be focused on IoT,” said Manish Rai, vice president of marketing and product management at Great Bay Software. “The new Beacon Suite 5.0 takes the industry lead in helping enterprises protect themselves against the growing threat posed by rapid adoption of IoT devices.”

Great Bay adds authentication layer

In the recent update, Great Bay has added “Beacon Endpoint Enforcement,” which simplifies authentication and enforcement for IoT devices. It also brings authentication to unmanaged devices.

Beacon is also able to identify a device with more accuracy than usual security platforms, according to the company’s press release, providing appropriate levels of security and access to devices.

The suite is able to quarantine, block, and remove faulty or hacked devices from a network, which is good for medical and military contractors that need assurances their devices are secure at all times.

Great Bay added more support for Cisco’s devices and platforms, announcing native integration with Cisco Wireless LAN controllers and support for Cisco Nexus VRF, which it claims will increase visibility.

For enterprise customers that like the sound of Beacon Suite 5.0, it can be yours for $21,500 annually.