Netatmo knocks on doors and windows with Welcome

Smart home startup Netatmo has announced door and window tags that connect to the Welcome surveillance camera, alongside a Dropbox storage option for immediate cloud backup.

The tags can be attached to doors and windows, sending an alert when opened or not closed properly. Users will also be able to check all tags to ensure that all doors are locked before leaving the house, and set different alerts depending on who is in the house.

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Netatmo has made the tags UV, rain, and wind resistant, allowing them to be placed outside. The tags are capable of recognizing force applied to a door or a window, and will alert the user before the burglar has entered the house.

All tags must be placed no further than 260 feet away from the Welcome camera, and the user must have the camera to use the tags. That makes the tags, which cost $99 for three, rather expensive if you don’t already own the camera, currently priced at $199.

A Netatmo Welcome…to better backups

The addition of Dropbox allows Welcome owners to backup all videos, giving you more options if you have used the 8GB SD card storage on the Welcome camera.

The announcements come one month after the API reveal for its Internet of Things (IoT) devices, called Netatmo Connect. The API functions similar to Works With Nest, allowing developers to integrate their own devices or services into the Netatmo hardware portfolio.

Launching the tags gives developers more capabilities on the Connect platform. Now, they should be able to combine tag alerts with other smart home actions, potentially locking doors or turning on alarms in the home when an intruder enters.

August smart lock has already integrated its device onto the Works with Nest platform, but currently all it does is provide a video when someone enters or exits the house. Hopefully in the future we will see further integration to increase security.

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