One of the leading providers of software in the kitchen, Kitchen Brains, has partnered with Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider HotSchedules to remove the complexities of technology in the kitchen, whilst also providing hot, fresh food available as soon as possible.

Kitchen Brains provides a Quality Production Manager (QPM), while HotSchedules offers the IoT platform.

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“The integration plans, directs, and reports cooking instructions to ensure that food is always hot, fresh and available for guests,” said the firm. “The IoT Platform will eliminate the complexity and costs of connecting QPM to other restaurant technologies especially POS systems.”

Kitchen Brains QPM already increases fresh product scores from 50 percent to 95 percent and product availability from 60 percent to 90 percent. With the integration of HotSchedules IoT platform, all kitchen equipment will work without using the traditional APIs, which should improve the freshness, availability, and reduce costs.

“No matter what forecasting software you use, real-time sales data is the key to validating your predictions and adapting to new conditions. Real-time sales data is essential for QPM to deliver precise production management. That is why partnering with HotSchedules will be valuable to our customers,” said Mario Ceste, CEO at Kitchen Brains.

Kitchen Brains

Internet of Things in the kitchen

HotSchedules IoT platform sends information to two apps, Reveal and Inventory. Reveal provides business insights into food quality, wastage, speed of service, and gives advice on how to save money. Inventory shows all the products going in and out the restaurant, and any deficit.

The Internet of Things platform also reduces the amount of integrations between applications and technologies. “In other words, if 10 restaurant technologies would normally call for 45 separate integrations, the HotSchedules IoT Platform reduces that number to just 10,” said the press release.

The integration will begin in a few months, though Kitchen Brains and HotSchedules both don’t provide a schedule for businesses.

David Curry

David Curry