Odds Are, You Now Have a TypePad Connect Login

In November of last year, Six Apart announced a new community management tool, TypePad Connect, a service designed to give bloggers more insight and accessibility to the conversations taking place on their blogs – whether they used Six Apart products or not. Now, the community with access to TypePad Connect just got exponentially larger.

How large? Let’s just say that it’s highly likely that you now have a login credential for TypePad Connect.

“The TypePad Connect team has now explicitly added support to sign in using your Vox, Google, Yahoo!, Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress.com, or AOL account in addition to your TypePad username and password.”

The new credential options augment the existing OpenID log in option that existed when the product launched.

While the exponential increase in the number of users who now have access to TypePad Connect is interesting, what is most compelling about this announcement – in my opinion – is that it marks another positive step forward in leveraging existing identities – and reducing credential fatigue. As a user with more than enough logins spread around the Web, it’s always nice to encounter services that allow me to log in with an existing identity from another service – instead of forcing me to create yet another login.

Here’s hoping this is among the first of many such announcements, this year.

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