Cyber attacks are a persistent threat to businesses, particularly among large businesses who suffer the brunt of attempts. In response, 1Password today reveals 1Password Advanced Protection, an expanded suite of security tools for businesses with complex security needs. The 1Password advanced protection has additional security controls you’ll want to protect your company assets.

1Password unveils 1Password advanced protection: additional security controls for enterprise.

Known for their private, secure, and user-friendly password manager, 1Password protects the data businesses all over the world. The new features will help businesses fortify their defenses against 89 percent of breaches that result from outside attacks.

“Large, complex organizations use 1Password Business, and many of them have specialist security and governance requirements. With 1Password Advanced Protection, these businesses can create custom rules to determine how their employees can access the information stored in 1Password, and protect their most important data,” says 1Password CEO Jeff Shiner.

This latest release comes as 1Password celebrates reaching 50,000 paying business accounts, just three years after launching 1Password Business.

What does 1Password Advanced Protection include?

The new features make it easy for businesses to create and enforce security policies, prevent threats, and monitor their team’s access.

  • Enforce two-factor authentication.

Enforce two-factor authentication company-wide. Then you can choose which second factors your team can use when they add 1Password to a new device.

  • Restrict access with firewall rules.

Create rules to allow, report, or deny sign-in attempts from specific locations, IP addresses, and more. Review recent sign-in attempts and take any action required to protect your team.

  • Set complex Master Password policies.

Define requirements employees must adhere to when they choose their Master Password.

  • Require modern app usage.

Check which version of 1Password your employees are using to ensure they have the latest security and feature updates.

Guard against breaches and unauthorized access.

Data breaches are getting more significant and more costly. According to a report by IBM, the average cost of a data breach has risen from $3.50 million in 2014 to $3.86 million in 2018 — representing nearly 10 percent net increase over the past five years of the study.

With high-profile breaches hitting the headlines weekly, and stricter data protection laws like the GDPR coming into action, businesses are looking for security solutions that are scalable, compliant, quick to deploy, and make an immediate difference.

1Password, ease of mind
Ease of mind 1Password.

1Password keeps businesses data safe with award-winning apps that create, save, and fill passwords and other sensitive information.

Now integrating with Okta and Active Directory, allowing businesses to efficiently deploy this critical update using the systems they already have in place.

The newly added 1Password Advanced protection features extra lines of defense. These fortifications are giving enterprises the power to exercise tighter control over the ways employees can access passwords and sensitive information in their own companies and businesses.

The one-click-blockout when offboarding.

The action of the 1Password protection in businesses and corporations provides an immediate one-click-blockout of all company access when offboarding an employee.

1Password Advanced Protection is included in all 1Password Business accounts. 1Password Business is available from $7.99 per user per month. Other plans are available, starting from $2.99 per user per month.

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