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101 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $40

It is important to consider price when shopping for a gift. It becomes especially important when your holiday shopping list is long. Along with your personal finances and the number of people you’re shopping for, you can stay within budget in a number of ways.

Since the holidays are already a stressful time, here are 101 Christmas gift ideas that are under $40. You don’t have to purchase these exact items. At the very least, though, they can inspire you to purchase thoughtful and practical gifts without breaking the bank.

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Gifts for Coworkers and Employees

Whether you consider them a friend, your “work family,” or just want to show you your appreciation, giving coworkers or employees a gift at the end of the year is a give-in. At the same time, it can be challenging to buy gifts for coworkers and employees.

Generally, these gifts should be thoughtful but not too personal. And the following suggestions strike that balance.

1. Office Yoga Mug

Featuring yoga poses such as “salute to the server” and “printer warrior 2,” your colleagues will love displaying this yoga desk mug. For your convenience, it comes pre-wrapped in a gift box.

And, it only costs $17

2. Yeti Rambler

This 18 oz. is perfect for both daily commutes and outdoor adventures. Thanks to the double-wall vacuum insulation, their water will stay cold throughout the day. You can even customize the bottle if you want.

A pretty solid present for $30, in our opinion.

3. Coffee Gift Card

I know. Gift cards don’t always make for the most exciting or thoughtful gifts. But, for those who can’t live without their morning cup of Joe, then definitely appreciate this gift. Bonus points if you get them a gift card from their favorite coffee shop.

4. DavidsTea Holiday Teas Variety Pack

There’s something for every tea drinker here, from chocolate to fruity to spicy holiday blends. Sleigh Ride, Organic Orange Spice, Hazelnut Chocolate, and Caramel Shortbread are included in this $12 set.

5. Coffee Mug Warmer

Have you ever poured a cup of hot coffee in the morning only to have it sit on your desk for hours? To fix that, you can gift your colleagues a mug warmer, like the $25 Kin Element Mug Warmer and Lid Set.

There are three temperature settings ranging from 104 to 140 degrees. By touching the front-facing sensor, you can switch between settings. In addition to changing color, the sensor indicates whether the temperature is high, medium, or low.

6. Harry & David Thanks a Bunch Treats Tin

What’s the point of buying just one gift when you can get an entire basket? Whether your colleague likes wine, sweets, savory snacks, fruit, or all of them, there’s a Harry & David gift basket that’s perfect for them. Here’s an affordable option we recommend: Thanks a Bunch Treats Tin. It’s filled with cookies and pretzel clusters for just $30.

7. Zen Garden

Research consistently shows plants increase productivity and decrease stress in the workplace. With that in mind, we think that this fresh succulent garden for $28 will accomplish just that. Additionally, it comes in a beautifully crafted planter gift box, and one garden sold provides six months of safe water for a developing country.

8. Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Crumbs are inevitable if you eat at your desk. With a mini vacuum, you can help a coworker clean their desktop. With an included brush and nozzle, this one can reach hard-to-reach places and is USB chargeable. And it will set you back 15 bucks.

9. Wireless Charger and UV Sanitizer

Let’s face it, your phone is filthy. This small UV sanitizer kills 99 percent of bacteria and germs, so you can provide a germ-free workplace for your co-workers. In addition to keys and sunglasses, it can be used for earbuds and other small items that are frequently used. And it’s only $18.

10. Two-Tone Pen Holder

Designed after Japanese tea cups, this pen pot features a simple, minimalist design and natural colors. All materials used in its manufacture are 100% natural and sustainable. And it costs only $26.

11. Stationery Sets

At every meeting, you will find two types of coworkers: those who take notes and those who doodle. With some fresh stationery, you can cover all the bases either way.

Their desk will immediately look brighter with Poppin Soft Cover Notebooks and Rifle Paper Co. pencils, while keeping track of tasks will be easier with the to-do list notepad and gel highlighters.

12. Daily Planner Pad

This notepad over at Etsy sorts tasks by top priority, later, and tomorrow to make work easier for your coworker. Also, it has an affordable $14 price tag.

13. Moleskine Classic Notebook

For coworkers who prefer classic notetaking, this Moleskine is a great office accessory. They can jot down meeting notes, reminders, and to-do lists on ruled, dotted, double layout, or plain pages. And, this classic notebook is $23.

14. Bento Lunch Box Container

Is your coworker always bringing lunch to work, or does he or she prepare meals at home? Food can be kept fresh and organized neatly in this bento box set. There are two stackable containers included, as well as a three-piece utensil set.

Not bad for $15, right?

15. The Work Wellness Deck

There are 60 cards in this deck that contain daily actions that may help bring more balance to your colleague’s work life and health. Depending on what card they pull, they might need to practice breathing exercises, network, or be grateful. You can snag these cards over at Uncommon Goods for $19.

Perfect Gifts for People That You Don’t Know Very Well

It’s challenging to pick out a gift for someone you don’t know well, whether it’s a coworker, distant cousin, or neighbor. Choosing a gift that’s both neutral and useful while still being fun is the key to getting a gift that will please everyone.

16. Holga Camera

Would you like to print photos with Instagram filters? You can do that with the Holga camera, believe it or not.

These popular Hong Kong-made cameras make a great gift for photographers. They also cost far less than today’s high-end digital SLR cameras. Case in point, this one is $40.

17. A Take-It Everywhere Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is perfect for anyone, no matter what their favorite band is. Whenever and wherever they want to listen to music, they can do so. For charging, the speaker comes with a USB cable. And it’s only $20.

18. Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set

Passport protectors and luggage tags are essential for international travelers. These handmade leatherette luggage tags and passport cover sets can also be personalized with the recipient’s monogram. It only costs $18 to boot

19. Echo Friendly Reusable Straws

Increasingly, towns and cities are banning plastic straws, so these silicone alternatives are useful gifts to give. In addition, each straw comes with its own portable carry case that can be folded and stored. A set of five costs just $19.

20. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

During the winter, your lips, hands, and feet become itchy and dry. Winter is a great time to gift a Burt’s Bees kit to rejuvenate their lips and skin. And it’s only $12.

21. Mini Buddha Board Art Set

Taking a cue from Etch A Sketch, Buddha boards are a relaxing, modern alternative. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you’ll enjoy drawing your own creations and watching them slowly disappear. There’s something surprisingly meditative about it. And you can’t beat the $18 price tag.

22. Slippers

Seriously. Who doesn’t enjoy a pair of slippers to get their feet cozy and warm? Also, you don’t need to break the bank. For example, both Dream Pairs Women’s Cable Knit Faux Fur Slippers and RockDove Men’s Original Memory Foam Slippers are only $22.

23. Sleep Mask

When you don’t know the recipient very well, giving a practical gift is a smart way to be thoughtful. And this cotton sleep mask is certainly considerate after they get a great night’s sleep. Plus, it’s only ten bucks.

24. Hair Towel Wrap

For quick hair drying, these short fiber hair towels are made from a super-absorbent microfiber towel. Using a microfiber hair towel, you can dry your hair quickly without damaging it. And a 3-pack is only $14.

25. Elmer Knit Beanie

The snug fit of Herschel beanies makes them ideal for cooler weather. Besides being gender-neutral, they’re affordable enough that you can buy matching sets for your family and friends. You can snag it for $25.

26. Magnetic Wristband

During any DIY project, this magnetic wristband comes in handy. With its 10 strong magnets, things like screws, nails, bolts, and drill bits can be corralled for ease of use while you are doing home improvement projects. Best of all? It’s only $15.

27. Beauty Sponge

With plenty of awards and a cult following among makeup lovers, Beautyblender sponges make a great gift for beauty buffs. These edgeless, reusable sponges, foundation, powder, and other products will apply evenly. And it is just $20.

28. Dog Treat Maker

Those who own dogs will appreciate the convenience of making homemade, healthy treats with this nonstick press. As of this writing, you can grab this for $25 over at Amazon.

29. Cable Organizer

We cannot keep up with the clutter of cords and chargers as electronics proliferate. As a practical gift, this tech accessories case solves that problem, which, at this point, is a fairly universal one. It’s also under $20.

30. Theme Baskets

A gift can be designed to suit those on your gift list if you know what they like. Consider creating a gift basket based on a theme. For instance, get a set of mixing bowls, utensils, and a cookbook for the aspiring cook over at Half Price Books.

Gifts like this show respect for someone’s interests and encourage them. And, you can dictate the price point.

White Elephant Gifts

In most cases, white elephant gift exchanges are just a funny way to break the ice during a gathering. You can purchase a fun gift or a cool gift that your coworkers will appreciate, or a sentimental present that a loved one can treasure.

31. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

They can reveal cool designs by scratching off the square each time they watch one of the iconic movies listed on the poster. And it’s a cool $15 at Uncommon Goods.

32. Slinky

When in doubt, some childhood nostalgia never hurts! There is nothing better than the Original Slinky, and it would cost you next to nothing to purchase it.

33. Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Double the fun by toasting two hot dogs and their buns simultaneously! The retro-styled hot dog toaster is available in three colors: white, cream, or yellow, inspired by Oscar Mayer. It’s lightweight and easy to use. And it’s under $25 on Amazon.

34. Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

You’ll have them doing a double-take when they see these coasters. There are questionable lyrics stamped on each one of these. For instance, “Hold me closer, Tony Danza.” Totally worth the $28.

35. Mini Bowling Game Set

Presented as a white elephant gift, this Mini Bowling Game Set is fun and exciting. This set is perfect for those who need a stress-relieving desk game. Plus, it’s budget-friendly at just $12.

36. Wacky Wavy Mini Tube Guy

White elephant gifts can be hilarious, and this one is sure to stand out. Like your favorite car dealership decoration, this miniature motorized tube guy dances, wiggles, and shakes – only it fits right on your desk. And it’s under $20.

37. Head & Scalp Massager

After a long day, a scalp massager can help reduce stress and anxiety. Due to its small size and lightweight design, they can easily carry it wherever they go! Also, it’s just around $10.

38. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

With this microphone, you can transform every commute or gathering into a karaoke session. You can stream music straight from Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, or other streaming services with the microphone connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device. As of this writing, it’s $25 on Amazon.

39. Silicone Wine Glass Holder

Make someone’s day by giving them the gift of relaxation. Using this silicone wine glass holder, they can sip while showering or bathing. It doesn’t require adhesives, suction cups, or wall mounting.

If they’re not into wine, consider a shower beer holder. Both are around $15.

40. Food Dice

With these innovative Foodie Dice, they can finally put an end to meal indecision. In total, 186,000 meal combinations are possible with each set, which includes nine dice dedicated to cooking methods, proteins, carbs, herbs, bonuses, and seasonal produce options. A pouch set is $24.

41. Touchscreen Gloves

In the winter, nothing is more frustrating than trying to use a touchscreen phone. Either you’re holding it with gloves on, or your fingers are numb. These Moshi Digits Touchscreen Gloves keep hands warm in the cold, and their unique grip patterns prevent phones from slipping out. You can buy a pair for $30.

42. Cocktail Kit

Besides a bartender’s spoon and muddler, three cocktail picks, and a hand-knit cocktail napkin, each kit includes ingredients for an Old Fashioned, Margarita, and Moscow Mule. You can take these kits on your next adventure in your back pocket, pack, or duffel. Each kit is $22 a pop.

43. A Game of Cat and Mouth

With this hectic pinball-like game, you will have hours of fun catapulting balls at one another. And it’s priced fairly at $20.

44. Sneaker Balls

The advantage of white elephant gift exchanges is that you don’t give someone these sneaker balls directly. Getting it through a game might make it more useful, but if you give it to your friend, they might take offense. They’re also only $15.

45. White Elephant Ring Holder

Yes. It’s literally a white elephant. This will definitely win you the award for the most cringe-worthy White Elephant gift. But hey, at least it’s useful. And, it’s a measly ten bucks.

Gift Ideas for the Home

If you’re shopping for someone who loves their house, give them something that will make it even better.

46. 3-in-1 Avacado Slicer

Avocado prep made easy. An easy-to-use, dishwasher-safe tool that facilitates everything from slicing to pitting. For $12, you might as well pick one up for yourself as well.

47. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

You can make breakfast, lunch, or dinner sandwiches in just minutes with this sandwich maker. With this breakfast maker, you can customize your sandwich by choosing your favorite bread, cheese, eggs, and meats. Plus, it will only set you back $30.

48. Mini Waffle Maker

Dash’s waffle maker whips up tiny 4″ waffles in no time. Furthermore, it’s available in a variety of fun colors and even in a heart-shaped design. And, it’s just $13.

49. Crock Pot

Give your friend or loved one an easy-to-make, mess-free slow cooker. Seriously, I can’t live without mine. You can buy a 4.5-quart size slow cooker for $25.

50. W&P The Popper

W&P’s collapsible popcorn bowl makes four cups of fresh popcorn. Plus, the lid doubles as a measuring cup. And it costs only $20.

51. Milk Frother

When making cappuccinos and other coffee drinks containing milk, a milk frother is essential. In addition, it can be used at home to aerate and froth cocktails. It’s available at Amazon for $25.

52. Eco-Friendly Dishcloth Towels

Colorful dish towels never go out of style, and these cheerful ones boast playful patterns and bright colors. Towels made of 100% cotton can be used to clean dishes, pans, and appliances and reduce paper usage. A set of 4 costs $11.

53. Silicone Baking Mats

Baking enthusiasts will appreciate these nonstick silicone baking mats that are safe for ovens, dishwashers, and freezers. They give home kitchens a professional vibe. And, a set of 2 is only $16.

54. Compost Bin

This compost bin is stylish, so they won’t mind leaving it out. In addition to a form-fitting lid that keeps out odors, it has a rotating handle that makes transporting it easy. It is, however, $33.

55. Garden in a Bag

Herbs are a favorite among chefs. This Garden in a Bag-Basil from Potting Shed Creations is just $10.50 and will let the chef in your life grow, tend, and use their own basil.

56. Sherpa Throw Blanket

It is crucial to have a warm blanket in the colder months of the year, and this sherpa option fits the bill perfectly. For cold nights, keep the blue plaid rug at the foot of the bed or on the living room couch. And, it’s just $18 at Target.

57. Personalized Christmas Ornament

Establish a new holiday tradition by giving a personalized ornament as a gift. If you head over to Personal Creations, you can do this for $20.

58. White Noise Machine

This well-rated sound machine helps promote self-care by helping you get a good night’s sleep. There are six sounds included: rain, brook, thunder, white noise, ocean, and summer night. The timer can also be set to automatically turn the device off with the help of an included AC adapter or batteries. It’s on sale for $24.

59. Vertical Photo Holder

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is especially easy for grandparents to fall in love with updated pictures of their adorable grandchildren. This Kikkerland Photo and Card Holder in Black is a great way to keep lasting memories close. Make sure to print off some great photos to include as well.

60. Butane Torch

It’s the perfect tool for grilling or crème brûlée enthusiasts. And, it’s only $20.

Gadget Gift Ideas

For your tech-savvy friends and family members, there are a number of gifts in the $40 or below range.

61. KZED Deep Tissue Massager

A good massage relaxes muscles, relieves muscle stiffness, and improves soreness after exercise, and this massage gun by KZED does just that. You can customize the vibrations for a lighter or a deeper massage using the six types of massage heads. And, it’s a bargain at $36.

62. iFixit Jimmy

Those who constantly disassemble, hack, and mess around with their electronics will surely appreciate this gift. With the Jimmy tool from iFixit, you can wedge, pry, or shimmy open just about anything with its thin strip of steel. Besides scraping stickers and paint, it’s also useful for adjusting and repairing areas. For DIYers, it’s a must-have. And, it’s only $8.

63. Wyze Cam V3

A home security camera is a must if you want to know what’s happening in your yard or if someone you know is concerned about porch pirates. If you are on a budget, Wyze sells a variety of affordable outdoor security cams. Among the Wyze Cam V3’s features are color night vision, intelligent motion detection, voice control, and a built-in siren — all for under $30.

64. S1 Stealth Wallet

With its minimalist design and water-resistant DTEX build, the S1 Stealth wallet from Dango Products is a great gift option.

There are six card slots, as well as a pocket for a key or memory card, in this slim accessory. The S1’s RFID-blocking technology also protects users from identity theft and credit card fraud. It’s currently on sale for $20.

65. Mini Drone

This mini drone from Holy Stone is an excellent gift idea for beginners at $36. This drone is cleverly designed with protective shells around its rotors, is capable of a number of in-flight tricks, and has a flight time of about 20 minutes per charge. A trio of batteries and an intuitive controller are included.

66. BoostCharge Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless chargers are great tech gifts under $40, and Belkin’s is one of the best. This compact accessory can rapidly charge iPhones and Android smartphones with a maximum power output of 15 watts.

67. Signature M650 Wireless Mouse

The Logitech Signature M650 wireless mouse is hands down the best under $40 gift you can give to a coworker, family member, or friend. Featuring a precise scrolling wheel and silent button, the gadget will leave a lasting impression.

68. Spectra Infinity Xbox Controller

Any Xbox or PC gamer will immediately enjoy the PowerA Spectra Infinity wired gaming controller. A high-quality knob with mappable keys, colorful LED lighting, and a handy volume dial make this accessory a must-have. Warranty coverage is provided by PowerA for two years.

69. FosPower Emergency Solar Radio

You can hear emergency broadcasts, charge your electronics with the sun, and have a reliable source of light with the FosPower Emergency Solar Radio. For peace of mind, this is definitely $31 well spent.

70. Band 7 Fitness & Health Tracker

This fitness tracker has design and hardware features that belong in a much higher price range, making it a fantastic under-$40 gift. A sophisticated sensor measures the heart rate and oxygen level continuously. This budget-friendly gadget tracks over a hundred activities and workouts, as well as sleep patterns and stress levels.

71. Echo Wall Clock

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who already uses an Amazon Alexa device, then the Echo Wall Clock is a great choice. With its built-in LEDs, this minimalist wall clock can display the progress of various timers you set with Alexa. You can use it to set timers for food, laundry, homework, and whatever else you can think of. Pretty cool for $30, if you ask me.

72. GE Full-Color Direct Connect Smart Bulbs

These GE Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulbs for just $13 make it easy for friends and family to set the mood in their rooms. With no additional hardware required, you can choose from millions of color options. Using Alexa or Google Assistant, the bulbs can be dimmed or controlled from away from home.

73. Dime Mini Multitool

Gearheads will appreciate the compact, feature-rich Gerber Dime, a multitool crafted entirely in the United States. Among the 12 onboard tools are a flat-head screwdriver, a tiny plain-edge blade, a box opener, and scissors. It is backed by a lifetime warranty from Gerber. Not shabby for around $20.

74. Justin Case Commuter Car Emergency Kit

This roadside emergency kit includes jumper cables, a flashlight with batteries, a tow strap, a rain poncho, knit gloves, a first-aid kit, and Justin Case Roadside Assistance for 365 days, making it a perfect gift for anyone who forgets to leave their car lights on or forgets to turn it to E. Not too shabby for $24. Simply complete the enclosed membership form and mail it in to receive roadside assistance. After a few weeks, you will receive a one-year enrollment card in the mail. There is no membership fee.

75. Best Buy Gift Card

Not the most original gift. But, at least the recipient can buy the gadget they’ve asked Santa for.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Kids

If you’re looking to stretch your budget when shopping for the baby, child, or teen in your life, here are some gift suggestions.

76. Lego Classic Creative Blocks

While this classic, colorful Lego set comes with a few ideas for small projects, it promotes open-ended play. A brick-shaped storage container is a nice touch too. A great gift for just $12.

77. View-Master Boxed Set

As a kid, you probably enjoyed clicking through one of these – now you can share the joy with your own children, grandchildren, or niece or nephew. You can think of it as the original VR headset. But, for only $22.

78. Carson BugView Finder

By using this catch-and-release bug magnifier kids can explore the outdoors in a humane manner. Plus, it’s only $13.

79. Tookyland 16 Pcs Wooden Soring Stacking Balancing Stone Rocks

In addition to being more eco-friendly than plastic toys, wooden toys are more popular among minimalist parents. While helping kids develop hand-eye coordination, these Areaware-esque rainbow woodblocks look nice enough to display. And, it’s a steal at $16.

80. Zutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Cozie Fleece Booties

This pair of Zutano Cozie Fleece Baby Booties with Cotton Lining is soft, cozy, and perfect for wiggly feet. With an adjustable snap closure and a gentle ankle elastic, the baby booties stay securely on your child’s feet thanks to a fleece shell lined with interlock cotton. Prices range from $18 to $25.

81. Think Wing Baby Teething Toys 5-Pack

The set contains giraffes, bananas, and other fruit shapes as teething toys. And, it’s on sale at Amazon for $10.

82. Doodle Bear

This sweet stuffed animal is perfect for kids to scribble and scrawl all over-then toss it in the laundry when they’re done. To draw on this stuffed toy, three washable markers are included. Not bad for $22.

83. Eeboo Our Solar System Puzzle

As you complete this cosmically cool solar system puzzle, your kid will learn about outer space and explore the universe. Illustrations and amazing facts about the universe fill this puzzle as well. An out-of-this-world present for $16.

84. Novie Interactive Smart Robot

Kids will love learning fun tricks from this interactive robot toy. There are 75 tricks or commands that Novie can do, as well as interacting with other Novie robots when controlled by hand gestures. It’s available at Amazon for $29.

85. Money Maze Bank

This is a great way to give cash or a gift card – enclose them in a money maze and watch the recipient figure it out. Once the initial gifting is over, the Money Maze can be turned into an actual piggy bank with built-in security. Definitely a unique gift for $8.

86. Selfie Ring Light

Selfie rings are absolutely worth the investment if your teen enjoys taking selfies and takes high-quality photos. This is under $19 and comes with a tripod and phone holder.

87. Fanny Pack

Despite what you may think, fanny packs are very popular right now. This Patagonia bag sits at the waist for easy access to essentials or can be slung over the shoulder. The “light, comfy, and durable” features make it a favorite among reviewers.

88. Apple AirTag

This tag can be attached to a backpack, wallet, keys, or other easily lost items so your teenager can easily track them down with the Find My app whenever they lose them. Using the app, they can make the tag play a sound until they find their misplaced item. Totally worth the $29.

89. Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds

If they’re still plugging in their headphones, like the cool kids area, get them a pair of Panasonic in-ears for like $10. Their sound is pretty good, and they are comfortable, with soft ear-hugging tips.

90. Bombas Socks

During the holidays, it’s basically your civic duty as a parent to buy socks for your teenager. Bombas socks are more comfortable and stylish than your local department store’s six-pack. In addition to feeling great on their feet, they give back to the community with every purchase.


Instead of material possessions, why not give the timeless and memorable gift of subscriptions or experiences?

91. Meal Kit Delivery Service

Are there any friends or family members who enjoy cooking but can never get to the grocery store? Perhaps they want to take their culinary skills to the next level, but aren’t sure where to start.

Subscription food services provide the precise ingredients (premeasured) required for varied recipes, delivered right to your door. Using the instructions, anyone can cook a quality meal by simply opening the box.

Home Chef, for example, allows you to send a $25 gift card.

92. Speciality Food or Coffee

As an example, a box of authentic New Orleans beignet mix would make a great gift for your family or friends for just five bucks. You can also add Café du Monde coffee and chicory to make the perfect gift.

93. Sports Game or Concert Tickets

Around the holiday season, there are all sorts of college bowl games and other sporting events. They will love the experience and you won’t usually have any trouble finding tickets.

Make your music lover’s day by taking them to a show. Not sure what type of music they enjoy? Usually, you can find ideas on their Spotify or social media accounts.

94. Theater Tickets

Although the cinema is also great, I’m not talking about the movies. I’m talking real theater for an off-Broadway show, opera, ballet, or other fine arts performance.

The cost of production tickets may be less than $25 at smaller, local theaters. For your friend or family member, it will be an unforgettable experience.

95. Museum, Art Show or Tour Tickets

Your gift recipient may not have experienced everything there is to do in a big city — even if they live there. The perfect gift could be tickets to an experience, whether it is a museum or city bus tour, or even the aquarium downtown they visited as a kid.

Tickets for CityPASS cost more than $40. You can, however, get some ideas of what to buy from the site itself.

96. Annual Magazine Subscription

It is likely that there is a magazine dedicated to the hobby of your friend or loved one.

Purchasing a hard copy of the current issue will give you something to wrap along with your subscription. For instance, 12 issues of National Geographic for $39, or $20 for Kindle version.

97. Book of the Month

A new hardcover title is chosen by the BOTM team every month. If you’d rather skip the month, pick the book you’d like, or let the editors surprise you, you can do so. Adding up to two additional hardcovers to your order is only $9.99 each if you can’t get enough reading material.

For 3 months, this will cost you $50. But, this is the gift that keeps giving.

98. Groupon $30 & Under Experiences

If you head over to Groupon, you can find a wide range of affordable experiences, including bowling, paintball, whale watching, or art classes.

99. Donation in Their Name

You may want to consider giving a charitable gift in honor of somebody who has everything they need.

You will most likely receive something nice from a charitable organization for the recipient. It’s an excellent gift for your minimalist friend; you won’t mess up their home.

100. Contribute to a Child’s 529

Make a contribution to the child’s 529 plan. It’ll be necessary to check to see if the parents have set one up, and if they have, you can contribute to the child’s college tuition.

Any bit will help, given how expensive school has become these days. There is a tax advantage to setting up a 529 savings account in which the money is invested until the child’s tuition is due.

It is possible to set up a 529 for a child without one already in his/her name. But you will need the child’s social security number.

101. Give the Gift of Stocks and Index Funds

You can easily purchase stocks of publicly traded companies with SparkGift, and easily gift those stocks to anyone. Following that, the recipient receives instructions via email on how to set up a brokerage account or add funds to an existing one.

Whether it’s for newborns, teens, grandparents, or adults, SparkGift is perfect for everyone. For users under 18 years of age, a custodial account is set up to protect them from selling the farm.


What should I get someone as a gift?

If you are looking for a gift for someone, the best advice is to work out your budget within the $40 range and then determine what is still within your price range. After that, knowing the gift recipient and what they like to receive will definitely help.

What is proper gift-giving etiquette?

Cultures around the world have different protocols for giving gifts. Do not hesitate to ask your in-laws, family, or friends what you should do if they practice gift-giving differently than you do. If you want to know how to behave properly in various cultures, you can always do some research online.

As long as your gift is thoughtful and you are genuine in your giving, the receiver will likely be pleased with whatever you give.

Who is the recipient?

Are they members of your immediate family? Is it a bestie or a new friend? A significant other? A co-worker?

A gift’s personality and size will likely be determined by how close you are to the recipient and how close you feel to them. So, even if your new friend needs to relax, you don’t have to book a spa package for them. Stress balls are a good place to start.

Is a gift card ever acceptable?

Gift certificates that say, “go have a nice dinner at this fancy restaurant,” are definitely acceptable if they are thoughtful. The trick is to choose an amount that won’t force the recipient to spend too much money. However, as long as you keep the recipient’s preferences in mind, your gift should land. You shouldn’t spend more than you can afford.

What’s your holiday budget?

Choosing the perfect gift also requires knowing your budget – and sticking to it. By doing this, you will know where to shop and what to look for.

Don’t forget that buying the perfect gift doesn’t have to break the bank. The truth is that this isn’t always the case. The best gift you can give, besides the affordable items listed as handmade, are gift vouchers.

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Featured Image Credit: Photo by Porapak Apichodilok; Pexels; Thank you!

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Know exactly how much money you will have going into your bank account each month. No tricks, no gimmicks. Simple retirement for the modern day human.

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