This weekend Google announced that it was shutting down Picnik, its handy dandy free photo editing software. I've used it on a number of occasions for fast, easy jobs that didn't require anything more than simple resizing. But let's be honest: How many of those types of quick photo editing jobs are just for Facebook photos? Aviary, a photo editor for Web and mobile apps, saw this opportunity and jumped on it, launching a photo editor app today for Facebook.

The Aviary photo app offers 10 photo effects, 20 reusable stickers and 10 single-click image editing tools. To install the app, go here and start editing.

Aviary will now compete with the likes of Instagram, which recently began allowing users to publish their images directly to Facebook. Previously, the hipster-fun Instagrams lived only in Instagramland, never seeing the light of Facebook day.

The bigger question here: Will users trade in the über-popular mobile social Instagram for a Facebook photo editing app? Probably not. But at least now there's another way to add that retro tint to your photos without ever leaving Facebook.