YoYo Games is offering $60,000 in cash prizes for your Tizen games!
Here we have cash incentive by YoYo Games to Port your Applications to the Tizen Platform. Yes, you heard it right, more Cash incentives from a new competition called the Tizen Game Drive!

For the duration of the competition (Nov 21 – Jan 31) YoYo Games is also offering all participants the ability to receive a copy of GameMaker: Studio Tizen export module for absolutely no cost!

There will be the usual prizes for the best App but to make sure your still in with a chance to Win, winners will be drawn at random from all submitted games which have passed the Tizen Store Certification over the course of the competition.

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Top game prizes will be judged on: Graphics, Audio, Controls, Gameplay and Fun.
The Tizen export module is available for developers with GameMaker: Studio Professional and Master Collection throughout the competition at no cost.
To get started and for support with GameMaker: Studio and its Tizen exports, please visit YoYo Games’ Tizen Support Page.
Good luck!

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Source Thanks for the Tip Olivier 😉