WhatsApp was asked to change their terms of their agreement, as they wanted to collect your messages/data. Facebook has always wanted to collect your data in order to maximise their revenues – we presume. The Indian government has now asked them to stop. They may have asked them this as many of their citizens, in India, value the real privacy. The IT ministry has strongly asked them to stop these practices.

Could WhatsApp change their policies?

This choice has already been delayed. However, Facebook may completely reverse these terms on all of their messaging platforms.

The Indian ministry apparently sent a strongly worded letter the WhatsApp’s CEO, Will Cathcart, asking the company to reconsider its choices.


Facebook claims that WhatsApp is a secure messenger and collecting data is to help make it a better application, but nobody wants their conversations being tracked, watched, and potentially exploited – especially by people who have been always interested in farming peoples data. If you do not want Facebook to do this, please delete your WhatsApp account and consider switching to a secure messenger such as Signal.

The letter seems more like a request than a demand, also it was made after the day the Delhi High Court made a petition by saying the messengers new policy was apparently a voluntary point that people could deny. The judge said that even Google Maps stores your data. That is true but people most likely do not want their private conversations being viewed.

There is, unfortunately, nothing that says WhatsApp will listen to this request, but if they do, it will be the first rollback in India, possibly generating some hype.