The popularity of wedding drone photography is constantly rising. It’s not surprising because these flying machines can take really amazing photos and videos. But many people still aren’t sure about the necessity of aerial photography at weddings or different events. We’ve gathered for you the most important information you need to know about drones if you want to use them for a wedding (See our review of the best drones).

When using drones, safety comes first.

It may not be the information you wanted to read first. But safety is a necessary measure and you should always keep it in mind if you have decided to get some pictures from a drone. The drone itself is a little helicopter that has a camera. When the drone operator has no required skills, the risk to have some unpleasant accidents rises.

Professionalism and planning are necessary.

The drone pilot should have insurance, extended knowledge on how to operate the vehicle, an established safety plan, and excellent coordination with facility managers, wedding photographers, and the couple. Otherwise, the whole wedding party may be in danger. It is also important to be sure that your photographer and videographer cooperates with the drone pilot. You need to discuss all the plans and details with them because everyone should be aware of the other professional’s actions.

Check all the needed paperwork.

Personal property and liability insurance for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles are required for every drone pilot. In case something goes wrong, the damaged object will be restored and the operator can feel safe. This aspect shouldn’t be neglected. You need to be sure that your drone operator has taken all possible safety precautions.

Drones show a whole new perspective.

It is quite easy to find a professional drone pilot in order to shoot your wedding. But professional pictures made from the drone are quite different from the usual photos. You’ll want to be sure that all photos will be amazing because your wedding is a very special day. Drones provide an entirely new style of capturing your wedding. They bring you a unique opportunity to memorize that will never be forgotten in a completely fascinated way.

Take advantage of your location.

The drone camera can capture dynamic photos and videos that demonstrate the scale and style of your event. Drones offer unusual and great prospects for stunning places where people choose to get married. If you decided to tie the knot on an exotic beach, in a flower valley or in another amazing place, imagine that you are viewing your wedding album on your 25th anniversary and get a stunning aerial shot of your wedding venue. This is a wonderful way to take complete advantage of the magnificent location that you have chosen.

You can make your dreams real.

Drones can be very versatile and can add some creativity to plain wedding photos. A good idea is to gather all your guests to spell out words or you may organize a group photo in another way. You can also get a magnificent photo of a just the married couple surrounded by a sprawling cityscape or landscape. The contrast between the closeness of this moment and the epic splendor of the perspective makes these shots very impressive.

A drone can operate in the cold.

Drones are quite sturdy, but you should remember that they are still electronic devices. That means that you shouldn’t use them in nasty humid weather. But cold weather will not stop them. As soon as the drone starts to discharge, it will produce its own warmth.

Cold air is denser, so the drone can get even more lift. You can get some extra minutes of flight in winter but it is a controversial advantage. If your marriage takes place in a cold climate, you still will not be able to take many pictures of your guests on the street.

Drones need a lot of space.

It is better to use drones outside, but sometimes it is possible to fly them inside if the drone pilot has good skills. It is also important that the ceiling is high enough to guarantee that the drone and people are not in danger. But even if you have a lot of space, it is still better not to use a drone in a ceremony indoors because it is quite noisy. Open space remains a better option for drones.

When you decided to have an outdoor wedding, we recommend you to think about drone photography. This will be especially appropriate for family property. You will be able to look from above at the place where you spent your childhood. Or if you have a wedding on a ship, a drone is the one and only who is able to take pictures of your party.

Close-ups are not available with your drone.

Drones should never get in the way, so it is better to avoid close-ups. It would be not only very dangerous but also unpleasant, distractive and loud. Drones don’t record sound, so you will not be able to take your wedding vows on video. But they can capture the whole view. You can film a walk, the moment when the couple meets the officiant near the church and many other fascinating details. So you’ll get the whole picture of the wedding without spoiling the most intimate moments.

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