The most ephermeral social platform of all, Twitter is designed for real-time conversation – and if you miss the joke, the moment or the meme, well, you miss the boat. That’s where Vizify has been helping out. Today the company, in partnership with Twitter, introduced a fun little tool for making a “greatest hits” reel from your Twitter account, curating popular photos, Vine videos, topics, followers and tweets, of course. Like, say, this:

A very cool little data visualization startup based in Portland, OR, Vizify partnered with Twitter back in December to sculpt the company’s unruly hoard of trend data and hashtags into a big year-end retrospective and user-specific ones, just for fun. When I spoke to Vizify’s CEO and co-founder about last year’s Twitter data viz undertaking, he explained the complementary relationship between the two companies:

It’s Twitter, so they’re the global conversation. And what’s sort of interesting to us… is that they have that whole in-the-moment, rapid-fire, what’s-happening-now thing nailed down… and yet when you step back from it and draw a picture of it over a longer period of time it becomes a really powerful tool for self-reflection. Unlike reading someone’s stream, this is just a really accessible, playful, fun way to get a quick a feel for what someone’s all about.

In a search for meaning likely not unfamiliar to any tweet-addicted user, Twitter as a company seems interested in connecting all its micro-moments into larger arcs too. Starting with its Twitter Stories project, the company began to dig into some of its 140-character missives to uncover the deeper tales underneath. 

Interested in uncovering your own (not-so) secret history? Check out the #Vizify hashtag or fire up your own – just be sure to pick the right soundtrack. We did.