Twitter ‘s new photo filter for Android.

Snapping that selfie on your Instagram app, choosing the most flattering crop and filter, and hitting “save” is exhausting. And you’re not even done! You’ve still got to take that well-crafted pic and post it on Twitter. If only there was a way to streamline the process. 

Twitter to the rescue! The social network rolled out improved photos filters for iOS and Android mobile apps on Tuesday, with a user interface that could easily pass for Instagram’s identical cousin. 

Instagram addicts need not worry about a learning curve. Filter options slide out in a swipeable line with an Instagram-like selection of Radiant, Positive, Warm, Breeze, Glow, Golden, Fame, and Stark. Double tap after you’ve made a selection, and an adjustable slider appears, letting you adjust the filter density. 

Twitter’s old photo filter. 

Twitter’s update is a much-needed improvement over the tiny grid of filter choices it rolled out in 2012. 

The previous version made viewing a full-screen version of a filtered photo a clumsy affair for impatient mobile phone photographers. As social networks fight for photo-sharing dominance, it’s not wise to give your users a reason to leave the app even for a minute. 

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Twitter’s new photo filter for iOS.

Twitter’s updated photo filters roll out for iOS and Android today. Once you’ve updated your Twitter app, you won’t even have to go through Instagram to share your perfectly filtered photo Twittersphere. Though of course, you still have to post it on Instagram. 

Twitter’s new photo filter images courtesy of Twitter. Twitter’s old photo filter photo by Helen A.S. Popkin’s iPhone.