Twitter cofounder and chairman Jack Dorsey has either lost his mind, or he’s just showing the obsessive devotion to his company’s products he’s famed for.

About an hour ago, Dorsey tweeted a six-second Vine video where he said he was “about to do something very interesting.” In the video, he followed some men in construction-worker uniforms. Where he was going, we weren’t quite sure.

The next thing we knew, Dorsey tweeted a torrent of Vine videos with no further explanations. From the videos, it seems Dorsey followed those construction men up the scaffolding of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and has been taking six-second videos of the view from high above the Bay with his smartphone.

Kids, don’t try this at home.

Dorsey appears to have followed safety protocols. He is buckled in and hooked to the wires that lead up the bridge, from what we can tell from his videos.

Really though, who scales the Bay Bridge and whips out their smartphone?

Dorsey may have just shown us the perfect example of when Google Glass is an essential gadget: when you are climbing large structures and presumably need your hands free on top of a windy bridge over large bodies of water.

ReadWrite has noted before that Vine could be the killer app for Google Glass. Jack Dorsey just proved it.