A new study from Forrester this week provides some insights into the current state of office workers. Forrester conducted an online survey in May, 2011 of 4,985 US information workers. The results are published in its “The State of Workforce Technology Adoption” and contain information relating to how the modern workforce conducts business and uses various technologies and tools.

For example, this chart shows how many different devices we all juggle in the average day. What isn’t so surprising is how many of us use four devices.

Already 48% of information workers buy whatever smartphone they want and use it for work (see chart), and 545 pay for all or some of the monthly phone bill. And you thought your company was the only cheapskate! Blackberries still account for 42% of smartphones used. Interestingly, smartphones handle 36% of work-related calls and 26% of all email needs.

Half of the workers surveyed split their time between office and home or a remote location. What is interesting is that the split varies with seniority: the more senior the employee, the more often they are on the road. (See chart.)

The paid report can be located on Forrester’s website here. It is useful for benchmarking your own workforce technology levels.