How Connected Devices Could Revolutionize Nutrition

AI Should be Reducing Bias, Not Introducing it in Recruiting

It’s easy to celebrate the accelerating ability of AI and machine learning to solve problems. It can be more difficult, however, to admit that this technology might be causing them in the first place. Tech companies that have implemented algorithms meant to be an objective, bias-free solution to recruiting more female talent have learned this […]

Can safety wearables really stop crimes against women?

Personal safety wearables development and adoption is on the rise with a range of wearable safety devices on the market like Nimb, Revolar and Siren. Their common thread is that they aim to enable the user to get help in situations where their personal safety is at risk by sending an alert to pre-selected friends or family, typically a text message […]


Soon-to-launch Ayda helps you with your baby-making

Ayda, a promising new health wearable taking family planning to a whole new level that was founded just last year, is set to launch soon. The firm raised around $600,000 in seed capital and was recently named a “High Potential Startup” by Enterprise Ireland. Ayda’s mobile phone app  – currently in the design stages – tracks […]