Getting good self-driving road manners from…the Swiss?

Swiss academics have developed an autonomous vehicle system able to mimic a human driver and a Wi-Fi network to share data between vehicles. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) said an autonomous vehicle could be single or part of a “platoon” and should be able to follow multiple human-controlled cars. See Also: Will Nevada be […]


Qualcomm rolls out enhancements to its IoT network

Qualcomm has announced enhancements to its IoT Connectivity platform at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, which aim to deliver “virtually seamless connectivity” across a variety of devices and technologies. For the first time, the IoT network can make simultaneous use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CSRmesh connectivity and 802.15.4-based technologies. This opens the […]

NYC public wi-fi terminals learn tough lessons about the Internet

The Alphabet Inc. subsidiary focused on urban innovation, Sidewalk Labs, suffered a setback as porn and privacy concerns beset its investment in public web terminals on New York City streets. Bloomberg says the web-surfing component of the experimental LinkNYC project is being scaled back after four years. The project lead is CityBridge, a consortium of companies invested in by […]

What are the major barriers to UK smart cities?

A recent report commissioned by streetlight design and manufacturing company Lucy Zodion has found significant barriers to smart city development in the UK. The report contains research into the opinions on smart cities of senior contacts from councils across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The in-depth interviews conducted in May and June 2016 gauged the appetite […]

Sylvania shines a light on smart tech

Sylvania shines a light on smart tech

A new report issued by LEDVANCE, a lighting company that sells Sylvania lightbulbs, gives valuable insight about the smart technology that people have already deployed in their homes. The eighth annual Sylvania Socket Survey shows that lighting appears to be one of the top kinds of smart technology that Americans own. See Also: Smart Homes […]


Bluetooth 5.0 is set for a 2017 debut

Bluetooth is an all-but-required technology for any modern smart device. It enables you to do things like collect low-powered IoT devices to smartphones, tablets, and even desktop systems. However, even a more modern Bluetooth v4.2 connection has limitations on both range and bandwidth making it a less appealing technology for IoT devices that need both range […]


Mitsubishi Outlander hacked, raising car security stakes

Researchers at Pen Test Partners have wirelessly hacked the Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid SUV, allowing them to take control of the vehicle’s electric charging and even turn off the alarm system. In a five minute video, security researcher Ken Munro demonstrates how easy it is for a potential hacker to take control into the system and […]

Is Jaipur India’s smartest city?

In January this year, India’s central government announced the first list of 20 cities that have been identified for development as smart cities, part of government plans to develop 100 Smart Cities by the end of 2022. The plans came about in part, via the Smart Cities Challenge funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The Government of India launched this challenge […]


Cypress to acquire Broadcom’s IoT business for $550 million

Semiconductor firm Cypress has announced a $550 million acquisition of Broadcom’s Internet of Things (IoT) division. It comes on the same day Cypress CEO T.J. Rodgers revealed his intention to step down as leader of the company he founded, after 34 years in charge. The acquisition includes Broadcom’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee IoT products and […]

tado° raises capital to feather nest – and pluck Nest?

German tech firm tado°, a smart home play focused on climate control, has announced that it copped nearly $23 million in its latest round of funding. This is in addition to the nearly $34 million raised previously. tado° is focused on its primary Smart AC Control, a wall-mounted device that help turn remote-controlled air conditioning units […]


SensorUp: IoT therapist for your dysfunctional device family

As modern households introduce more connected products, it becomes increasingly frustrating when devices won’t speak to each other. Canadian startup SensorUp is looking to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to play digital therapist for your array of gadgets, bringing them together into one happy connected family. As reported by Metro Newspaper, the Calgary, Alberta-based […]


Wi-Fi industry standards needed to fuel IoT growth

For the Internet of Things (IoT) to grow to its full potential, security systems for enterprise Wi-Fi networks need to copy their more efficient wireless brethren, cellular networks and develop security standards tailored for the burgeoning IoT revolution. According to an article in NetworkWorld, multiple obstacles exist when attempting to securely connect a complex array […]


Bluetooth IoT devices tout new energy savings

The industry organization that develops Bluetooth standards introduced a new energy-efficient specification for Internet of Things (IoT) devices last week, with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) unveiling a new specification for devices that contain Bluetooth and other radios at the Bluetooth World conference. According to IOT Journal, the new specification – dubbed Transport Discovery […]