Nvidia Inception Program

Autonomous Cars Will Need “Autonomous Maintenance” Solutions

Competition has begun heating up as to who will be the first one to operate a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles, as demonstrated again by recent announcements from General Motors (GM) and Uber.  However, a lot of work is still needed to allow such vehicles to roam freely throughout our city centers, neighborhoods and freeways, […]


Volvo, Autoliv and Nvidia aim for self-driving car debut by 2021

Volvo and Autoliv will form a new partnership, called Zenunity, which aims to develop self-driving car software based on Nvidia’s Drive PX computing platform. The goal is to have the software fully functioning inside of cars by 2021. Volvo will utilize the software in its own vehicles, while Autoliv will be able to sell to […]

Volvo wants to automate your weekly garbage pickup

Volvo is working on a project that it hopes will make the job of garbage pickup safer and easier for sanitation workers. If successful, it will also reduce the number of workers required to complete each route. By automating the truck’s bin-to-bin travel, the worker doesn’t have to continually get in and out of the […]

Self-driving car trials to hit UK roads in 2019

A British self-driving car project aims to have a fleet of driverless vehicles on the road in two years, after receiving a $13 million grant from the UK government. The project is led by Oxbotica, an Oxford University robotics spin-out. Tests will take place alongside the startup’s driverless pod trial in London and at RACE, […]

Smart cars just aren’t ready for the car wash

With progressing technology, autonomous vehicles are able to differentiate between dangerous obstacles and non-threatening objects much more easily and accurately than they used to. However, the car computers have still not perfected the process to the level that is needed for circumstances outside the norm.  For example, driving one of these smart cars through a […]

Volvo bets you’ll still want private, luxurious self-driving cars

While many experts predict the demise of individually owned autonomous cars, Volvo is hedging its bets on premium private self-driving vehicles. The Car and Driver blog featured an interesting discussion with Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson. In it he said Volvo sees a future in premium self-driving cars, with buyers willing to shell out $10,000 extra […]


Uber’s self-driving fleet in Pittsburgh goes live

Self-driving Volvo XC90 cars have entered into Uber’s taxi fleet, marking the first public ride-hailing test in the United States. The cars will be available to select customers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who will be able to ride in the cars for free. Uber has been testing cars in Pittsburgh for over a year, after poaching most of […]


Self-driving truck moves deep underground

Swedish automaker Volvo wants to make sure its self-driving trucks are able to operate in all environments, including inside a working mine 1,300 meters underground. Volvo outfitted an FMX truck with sensors to monitor surroundings and recognize moving obstacles. The truck was able to maneuver through the mines without crashing, during the tests. See Also: […]


Autoliv partners with Volvo to build self-driving cars

Swedish auto manufacturer Volvo announced a partnership on Tuesday with Autoliv, a leader in automotive safety systems, in an effort to build a fully autonomous system for all vehicles. A jointly-owned company will be formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, to work on the development. Volvo and Autoliv have agreed to provide 100 workers each to the […]

Would it make sense for Tesla to buy Lyft?

This morning, after hearing about Tesla’s “big announcement” coming this afternoon, I speculated on Twitter that maybe the electric vehicle iconoclast was looking to buy ride-share firm Lyft. It would definitely be a “new product” for them. But I was wrong, mea culpa. Turns out it’s a new battery pack, a longer range, and a […]


Will Uber and Volvo roll out a fully autonomous car next year?

Uber has scooped its second automotive partner, announcing on Thursday that Volvo will build a fully autonomous car for the ride-sharing giant’s Pittsburgh fleet. The partnership includes a $300 million investment from both parties into the development of the autonomous car. See Also: Can taxi drivers still have a place in a driverless world? Volvo will […]


Britain to host Europe’s first track day for autonomous cars

A host of autonomous cars are set to converge on Bruntingthorpe, an airfield and proving ground located 40 miles east of Birmingham, in November. It will be the first track day for autonomous cars on the continent, allowing manufacturers, software developers, and enthusiasts to come together and work on building the next generation of transport. […]


What are the levels of vehicle automation?

Most automakers agree that your car is sooner or later going to take more control of primary functions over time. But how autonomous are the cars we know today, compared to the fully automated driverless cars we expect? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has classified vehicle automation into five different levels, ranking from […]


Volvo also wants an autonomous car on the road by 2020

Plenty of automotive companies have announced plans to have an autonomous car on the roads at the start of the next decade, but Volvo went a step further and said no human supervision will be needed for its self-driving vehicle. “The thing that is unique is that we are trying to deploy the technology in […]

Will self-driving trucks really drive the autonomous market?

The next few years could see vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from Google’s current prototype car to Class 8 trucks, move from human drivers to computer algorithms. Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Benz, has already started testing its semi-truck in Nevada and Germany. Volvo and a Volkswagen subsidiary are also testing autonomous trucks […]

Busy hands: will self-driving cars lead to more road sex?

The freeway of love may be about to get a lot more lovin’ thanks to self-driving cars’ ability to allow drivers to, ahem, multitask. The Daily Mail reveals that a report by the Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence is warning that self-driving cars will up the incidents of sexual congress in moving cars. “I […]


Volvo tests self-driving cars in China and Sweden

Swedish automotive manufacturer Volvo plans to conduct the largest self-driving experiment in China this year, which will add 100 autonomous cars onto roads in China. Volvo has already shown off its self-driving prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016. It previewed Netflix in the car, and announced a partnership with Ericsson to make sure […]