smart home data security

Smart Home and Data Protection: Between Convenience and Security

According to projections, more than one-fifth (precisely 21.3%) of households worldwide would be using smart home devices by 2025. To put that into perspective, the penetration rate in 2020 stands at 4.9%. Here is all about smart home and data protection and the struggle between convenience and security. What is the cost of your privacy […]

neighborhood security

Neighborhood Security: Steps to Achieve Community Safety

Local communities and police departments are increasingly adopting technology that helps improve neighborhood security in new ways. Methods that link CCTV camera networks together greatly enhance their reach and scalability. This helps to identify any criminal or irregular activity better and improve access law enforcement agencies have to evidence when trying to catch criminals. Recent […]

smart home apps

What’s Wrong With Smart Home Apps?

Designers underestimate how intuitive a smart home app needs to be to appeal to mainstream users. That’s one of the biggest problems with smart home products. In-house designers want to design something that looks unique and cool. Design consultants are even more motivated to deliver a unique looking design to justify their billable hours. But […]

Do we really want to DIY our home automation?

New industry research from Icontrol Networks, the company behind the most widely-distributed connected home platform in the industry, has found exceptionally high satisfaction amongst customers who opted for a professionally installed smart home solution. Icontrol Networks’ DIFM (“Do it for me”) Smart Home Survey revealed more than 96 percent of respondents report they are very satisfied or satisfied with […]