New Analytics Dashboard for

This morning the Big Data online marketplace vendor Infochimps announces a new analytics dashboard for their services called Dashpot.

Dashpot lets users configure their dashboard with exactly the information they need. For example, users can visualize their data in the form of line graphs, heat maps, geographic maps, counters, pie charts, or…

New Druva Mobile Sync and Protection Software

Cloud synchronization vendor Druva announced today a new version 5.0 of its InSync software that provides a wide array of features, including the ability to remotely wipe a smartphone or tablet, geolocate and track the device, and encrypt data, too. From a single on-premises or cloud portal, IT personnel can view and manage backup, data access…

CopperEgg Expands Real-Time Server Process Monitoring Today

If you are looking to do real-time monitoring of your server processes in addition to seeing the overall conditions of your Windows, Linux and Mac OS servers, then take a look at the new v3 of Reveal Cloud that was announced today by CopperEgg. We last covered them in July here. CopperEgg has hundreds of RevealCloud customers who are actively…

Network Access Controls for Your Cloud

Today CloudPassage boosts security for your cloud-based servers by announcing an enhanced version of its Halo SaaS security tools called NetSec. The new version brings two-factor authentication methods for remote terminal access, as well as improvements to cloud firewall policy creation and management. As with earlier versions, the tools only work…

Cloudsizer, a New Way to Track Cloud Costs

The latest entry into calculating cloud computing costs of the public providers is from Cloudsizer, with more than a dozen different cloud providers covered. It is simple and easy to use, and you can start out with a free trial of its “express” service immediately, and upgrade to a paid “pro” account for AU$300 for three months.

Disaster Recovery Automation Tool from VirtualSharp

VirtualSharp Software announced today a new version of its automated Disaster Recovery solutions for private and public clouds called ReliableDR 3.0. What does this mean? Well, you have heard about backup in the cloud, this takes things to the next level, essentially making it easier to stage and orchestrate your recovery processes. It isn’t just…

RevealCloud Adds Windows, Mac Server Monitoring

We last wrote about CopperEgg’s RevealCloud real-time server monitoring service earlier this summer. Today they announced a major expansion of their program to include various Windows, Mac and FreeBSD servers on top of the Linux/Unix ones that they came out of the gate with.

BitDefender Offers New Cloud-Based Endpoint Security Service

Security firm BitDefender has come out with a new cloud-based endpoint security service. Called Cloud Security for Endpoints, it is available now. You can centrally manage a variety of clients across different locations, provided you have an Internet connection to all of them most of the time.

We last wrote about them earlier this summer, covering…

The Easiest Reminder Service You’ll Ever Use

Sometimes it is the simplest apps that have the most appeal. My wife is one of those people that frequently sends herself reminders, via either emails or voicemails. A new service that is going into beta today offers a slightly different take on things, called Fetchnotes. And if you act quickly and are one of the next 200 readers, you can grab a…

Three New Backup Developments

The ever-changing world of backup services, both online and on-premises, has a few news items this week. New features and models show that this market is maturing and it may be time to take a closer look at what is out there.

IBM Offers Free Big Data Analysis Tool for iPads

A new IBM Cognos Mobile free app from IBM’s Cognos division makes it easy to explore any type of data on the go with location-aware analytics. Called Cognos on the iPad , the Cincinnati Zoo has used it to give management instant access, and a single view of visitor and business information to drive new revenue and improve member visits. As a…

Quick Audience Response Testing With Napkin Labs

If you are looking for a quick and dirty way to get feedback to product plans or marketing campaigns, check out the latest additions to Napkin Labs’ audience response service. These make it easier to collect information from a variety of sources and methods, and all for a very reasonable monthly price.

Monitoring Your Open Stack Servers With Zenoss

This week Zenoss announced ZenPack, a new way to monitor your Open Stack servers. It is a great way to keep track of things in your cloud and is simple to use and quick to install. It is free and open source and can be used to look at real-time server inventories, performance and health stats, as well as what apps you have deployed to the cloud.

Socialcast Makes Strides Towards Project Management

Today Socialcast has announced the beta of Strides, its first big launch since VMware acquired them earlier this summer. Just connecting everyone on an internal social network isn’t enough – everyone has to actually use the network for their work activities. And Strides is bringing a lightweight Web 2.0 form of project management, layering it on…

Two Free Tools To Try For Online Meetings

The online meeting space continues to see lots of innovation, especially at what you can get for free.

There is a new service from called that says exactly what it does and some major feature enhancements to YamLabs (for Yet Another Meeting).

How to Predict (And Improve!) Your Future Traffic

Unlike Johnny Carson’s Carnac character (pictured at left), there are serious and legitimate ways to predict how your traffic will respond to your site’s content. A new service from Adobe’s SearchCenter+ and features from the existing service from Visual Revenue are both trying to be more helpful in optimizing your content and ad buys for your…