nearshore outsourcing software development

Nearshore Outsourcing Is Up During Covid-19. Here’s Why.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about two simultaneous but seemingly paradoxical trends: remote work and deglobalization. Leaders trust their team members to deliver from afar, but they’re not so confident these days in global supply chains.  While manufacturing supply chains have faced particular disruptions, the software development sector has also come under scrutiny. The halt […]

H-1B visa freeze

Why the H-1B Visa Freeze Puts the Tech Sector in Jeopardy

On June 22, President Trump signed an executive order temporarily suspending visas like H-1Bs. The ban seeks to ensure that there are open positions for American workers, citing COVID-related job losses. Without H-1B visa holders, though, the U.S. tech industry could face some considerable new challenges. An H-1B is a work visa for workers in […]

Pitfalls to Outsourcing Your Website Content Writing

When it comes to non-negotiable marketing tasks and responsibilities, website content ranks near the top of the list. Without quality website content, it’s impossible for you to engage your audience or cultivate a strong SEO presence that garners traffic and leads. With it, you can accomplish almost any marketing objective you set before your team. […]

Top Outsourcing Destinations in Latin America for 2019

The tech talent in Latin America is capturing the attention of global companies. Government pushes and investments in IT initiatives are paying off, with Amazon, Google, Alibaba, and many other global firms opening offices in the region and hiring local tech talent. There’s a new wave of excitement about Latin America’s potential to become a […]