Alex Vakulov

Alex Vakulov

Alex Vakulov is a cybersecurity researcher with over 20 years of experience in malware analysis. Alex has strong malware removal skills. He is writing for numerous tech-related publications sharing his security experience.

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Cybersecurity Focus

Cybersecurity Focus: How to Make Remote Work Safer

Telework is a long-running trend in the business world, and it has reached unprecedented heights because of the Coronavirus emergency. As a result, numerous companies have been forced to plunge headlong into implementing the remote work model, and predictably enough, this process is not always smooth. One of the issues is that employees’ security is […]

Vulnerability Management Program

How to Build an Effective Vulnerability Management Program

To manage vulnerabilities in your company effectively, it is worth going through several preparatory stages. It is necessary first to assess the IT infrastructure and current information security processes, identify the most dangerous types of vulnerabilities, determine the areas of responsibility of personnel, etc. Let’s figure out what questions you need to answer before implementing […]

Cybersecurity Outsourcing: Principles of Choice and Trust

A few years ago, cybersecurity outsourcing was perceived as something inorganic and often restrained. Today, cybersecurity outsourcing is still a rare phenomenon. Instead, many companies prefer to take care of security issues themselves. Almost everyone has heard about cybersecurity outsourcing, but the detailed content of this principle is still interpreted very differently in many companies. […]