We can only have a ‘net of things if we have a net to work with

By 2008, there were already more “things” connected to the internet than there were people. By 2020, that number is projected to swell to more than 20 billion. The world is digitizing at a mind-blowing rate and the corresponding market for connected devices and services has exploded. Consumer products like Apple’s iWatch and Alphabet’s Nest […]


Advantech and Sigfox team up to blanket Taiwan in IoT

French IoT network provider Sigfox announced a partnership with Taiwanese manufacturer Advantech on Tuesday. The deal, revealed by Sigfox CEO and founder Ludovic Le Moan at the Taipei International Convention Center, included the launch of Sigfox’s IoT network in Taiwan and an agreement for Advantech to build all new base stations. The entry into Taiwan […]

Orange goes LoRa to connect French smart cities

As smart cities push to standardize their Internet of Things (IoT) networks, mobile and internet operator Orange SA has chosen the LoRa wireless protocol for its deployments across France. An article in Electronics Weekly says the Paris-based telecom giant’s decision to use the LoRaWAN  protocol marks a pivotal deployment of IoT technology for smart cities […]

Are telecoms being overlooked in smart city deployments?

Are telecoms being overlooked in smart city deployments?

Communications and networking might be overlooked by smart cities, missing out on the potential capabilities of partnering with telecoms to build “heterogeneous networks” that deliver service to multiple platforms. The Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) claims — in its latest report titled “The Central Role of Telecoms in the Smart City” — that emerging technologies […]